Why Do You Need to Visit Bentota – The Coolest Part in Sri Lanka?

By | April 9, 2019

Located 64 km south from the capital city of Colombo, lies a scenic beach town of Bentota! Bentota can be reached by road and rail. But, take the rail route to enjoy one of the most pristine beaches you’ve witnessed till date!

Why Bentota?

Bentota boasts of the best beaches in southern belts of Sri Lanka. Popular to tourists as a ‘resort town’, this island city houses the top resorts in the country. This is one of the very few beaches in Sri Lanka unharmed by the tsunami in 2004. Still a ‘virgin’ beach with golden sand and roaring sea, Bentota is a tropical paradise! An array of luxury resorts, hotels and loaded with fun amenities, Bentota is the most ‘happening’ beach in Sri Lanka.

Beach life!

Think of lazily strolling on a serene beach, holding your loved one’s hand and watching the sunset, Bentota fulfills your wish. Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you crave for adventure sports? Bentota has that too! Have you been planning a beach bonfire under the night sky? Get ‘wild’ with your pals…yes; you guessed it right! Bentota got it covered too!
P.S. A highlighting point in this beach town is its nightlife! The last couple of years have witnessed nightclubs sprouting out on the beach line. An active nightlife and casual norms ensure party-hungry ‘animals’ can unleash their wildness! And yes! Food! This coastal town is a hit among the tourists for its lip-smacking cuisine. As the sun sets, sprawling shops crop up in this ‘eastern’ part of the world. It is a sight to behold! Small shops selling unnameable sea-foods here are a foodie’s paradise. And, the cherry on top is the freshness of food. Brought right out of the ‘blue’, you can smell freshness and magic of tropical spices.
Go scuba-diving in the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean. You’d be amazed at the sight of marine creatures…and…shipwrecks! Yes! You heard it right. Shipwrecks make diving even more fun!

Nurture your ‘earthly’ spirit!

Bentota estuary is famed for its river safari. It houses one of the last ‘standing’ mangrove wetlands in the East. Glide through its still waters and spot the aquatic life. You’ll be taken to a prawn farm where you’d witness untold stories of fishermen. You might try your hand at fishing from a fisherman’s boat. Can life get better than this? You can even take a cycle tour to the muddy fields and ride past the Dutch colony and coconut estates. Don’t miss out the turtle hatchery. You’d have a one of a kind experience as you watch little turtles walking their way out of the sand. You can also hold one of these and post a selfie! Instagram worthy, isn’t it?

Be it beaches, greenery, food, people or culture, there are a lot of things to do in Bentota. Plan your next trip here, and experience what this ‘cool’ place has in store for you!
What’s stopping you? Vengo, Bentota!

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