Whirlpool Washing Machine Review

By | January 18, 2019

When it comes to trusted electronic brand, Whirlpool is a known name. The premium brand offers high-quality washing solutions. The best part is, the washing machines from Whirlpool provides customization and are the first manufacturers of best washing machine in india.

Excellent Features of Whirlpool Washing Machine Technologies.

Gentle Wash

The top loading automatic range from Whirlpool is powered with Tumble Care technology which ensures clean and gentle wash every time. The tumble providers 360-degree tumble motion, which ensures neat and effective cleaning of all the garments. The tumbling action is usually found in the front loader washing machine. The best part is, Whirlpool has replicated this feature in top load machines to provide effective laundry solutions.

Flushing Bacteria

In case of washing clothes in machines, the biggest issue is freshness. The clothes tend to give foul odour but Whirlpool has found the best solution by incorporating patented FreshCare technology. This technology ensures that the clothes are fresh and free from bacteria. The washing machine ensures tumbling of garments to 6 long hours even after completion of the cycle. The garment smells fresh and free from bacterial growth.

All the Whirlpool washing machines have a key feature called UltraClean technology which kills 99.9% deadly bacteria which can lead to serious health issues. The additional techniques like soaking, built in heater ensure tough cleaning and removal of more than 20 stubborn stains from your garments.

The SoftMove For Neat Cleaning

The SoftMove technology ensures smart sensing of the drum load. The drum movement depends on the type of fabric like an energetic wash for bright coloured cotton fabric, soft cradle wash for the woollen garments and power shower for synthetic clothes. In case of delicate clothes like scarfs, baby clothes etc slow-motion drum movement works well.

Tough Stain Removal With In Build Heater

Removing stain is a tedious job for all the washers but Whirlpool stain removal helps to get rid of more than 15 stubborn stains. The StainWash technology ensures clean and soft fabric after a tough wash, it includes increasing the temperature of the water with the in-built heater.

Auto Dispenser

Deciding the right amount of detergent is a difficult task, excessive detergent can increase the water intake, powdered detergent can remain in the clothes even after the wash. Sometimes, we tend to use a small amount of detergent but little detergent can also have a negative effect on the washing performance. To overcome this issue Whirlpool has come up with Auto Detergent Dosage which ensures that the optimally quality of detergent is used based on the amount of load to provide the best wash every time.

The Fully Automatic 360-degree washing machine series from Whirlpool comes with Automatic Softener Dispenser feature to ensure the clothes are not only clean, but also the fabric is fresh, soft and lively.

Hard Water Wash to Deal with Hard Water Issues

In India, almost all the metro cities receive only hard water, this makes cleaning clothes a tedious job. The sad reality is, the hard water also takes a toll on washer drum’s life as the white salt layer gets accumulated on the drum and degrades the washing. The dissolving of detergent is also improper with hard water. The Whirlpool washing machine comes with a Hard Water feature for the semi-automatic services which help to get rid of dirt and stain even when the water is hard.

Whirlpool Pros and Cons

Whirlpool is a popular brand which comes with innovative washing technology to ensure clean, dirt and stain free clothes but it too has merits and demerits.


The best part about Whirlpool is the zero noise and low electricity bills, all thanks to the efficient engineering. Besides this, the water consumption is arguably lower as compared to other top brands like Samsung, LG. The Whirlpool washing machine ensures the clothes remain fresh, stain free, odour free even after hours of washing. This is possible only because of the FreshWash technology.


The overall washing performance of Whirlpool is on the lower side as compared to other brands. But the right washing cycle ensures clean clothes. There is no option to delay the starting time. Moreover, the tangling of clothing during the washing process can take a toll on clothes health.

Whirlpool is surely a trusted name when it comes to reliable home appliances, the FreshCare technology, Tumble Care ensures the clothes are clean and free from odour. It is the only brand which comes with in build heater on the top load washing machine to ensure stain-free clothes.

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