Which technology will give high speed broadband and reliable cost of Service?

By | December 31, 2018

There is a continuous demand for high-speed internet in India with the advent of digitalization, e-commerce, and smart city etc. Therefore there is a continuous demand of high-speed internet at a lesser cost ant this article will help you to understand the technology that can help serve the high-speed requirements and the ISP’s like BSNL Broadband, Airtel BB, ACT Internet offering the best speeds.

One way that the telecom authority of India (TRAI) has identified is the increase in the access to delicensed spectrum because the current spectrum is already congested. The number of hotspots in India is very less compared to the world average. There is a huge population in the villages and fiber net won’t be able to reach the villages, therefore we require broadband high-speed services. Thus TRAI has recently recommended opening the 60GHZ band for the broadband services to cater to the Indian villages.

The future networks will be the wireless networks operating in the millimeter frequency, E and V bands. This can provide multi-gigabyte throughout for short term to medium term distances. India needs high-speed internet for supporting technological capabilities. These services require high capacity backhaul connectivity. Low capacity backhaul is one of the primary reason for not getting full capabilities of 3G and 4G services. New radio technology would be able to provide a speed of 1.5Gbps providing high-speed fiber net speed. The E and V bands can not only be utilized for mobile backhaul but also act as a fiber extension. This will help in extending broadband connectivity from existing points of presence to nearby locations for a number of applications in urban, semi-urban and rural areas.

The technology in the 60 GHz band can provide high-speed internet at an affordable speed. The movement to 60 GHz band will result is a leapfrog jump, the similar advancement that happened when the technology moved from wireline phones to mobile voice networks.

The V band is used across the world and have seen significant benefits, the local technical experts have told about the benefits of V band for both fixed and wireless networks. The used cases and studies suggest the V band has very little interference. The band is, therefore, best suited for license-exempt usage. Another suggestion is to delicense the use of the V band for the larger public good as there would be the huge cost of administration because of the possibility of a number of short linkages which would also lead to increase in the administration cost.

To take the full benefit of the 60GHZ band, the two suggestion i.e. de-licensing of the 60 GHz band and avoid any mandates of the channelization of the band. These two initiatives will help the technology developers as well as the connectivity providers to provide innovative high-speed internet speed as a very affordable cost which ultimately will help in the reach of the affordable internet across India. This will help in the making the technological reach to every nook and corner of the country and support digitalization initiative of the government in a real sense.

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  1. riya

    ADSL services are better, but the new fiber services to be introduced in JIO and already available from BSNL ACT, Airtel provides greater satisfaction for us. The combo Fiber broadband services from Airtel and BSNL are the ultimate one.


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