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Online advertising has in recent year evolved with latest innovations being introduced to the online market spaces. The most recent and widely evolving piece of online marketing is Google Adwords and AdSense, which are biddable forms of media. These two powerful kits are of enormous importance to an online promoter who intends to target a large area network with his adverts. Online advertising on the other hand can be viewed as any type of message that is targeted or aimed towards advertising that pops up with the help of the internet. This phenomenon enables the message to appear in either a website, a mobile device, a search engine and even in an email. Online advertising is done through several medium like email, interactive ads, and online banners. Online advertising it enables its users to interact with the ads via options likes downloading, signing up and clicking the ads. Online advertising, which can also be called web advertising, online marketing and internet advertising, is used to deliver products that are marketed to consumers. Social media marketing, physical marketing, internet marketing is also included in online marketing. The beginning days of online marketing or online advertising was been mostly prohibited.

Google AdSense is an advertising system that enables website to give legal value of their content using Google ads. Google delivers ads of text or can also be made visible via an image or a video. This ads can be targeted with reference to the keywords that are embedded in the ads created. The targeted keywords are usually modified and created with the aid of a JavaScript code that accepts the command of the ads.

GoogleAdSense in other terms can be referred to as a program that is being run by Google itself which allows publishers in the Google network of content sites to be able to serve automated texts, images, videos as well as other interactive media advertise that may be done by these said publishers to reach a large crowd of audience which can become potential investors.

AdSense has grown to become one of the leading popular programs that specializes in creating and placing banners that advertise on a website or blog. Many prominent websites make use of the Google AdSense to make and generate revenue form their web contents which can be either website, online videos, online audio, contents etc.
AdSense has been responsible for incomes that are been directed to small websites that do not have the required resources for the development of advertising sales programs and salespeople to attract advertisers.
Google Adwords was introduced in the year 2000 by the company, at first initiation, Adwords advertisers would normally pay for the services that the company offered in terms of advertising on a monthly basis. Google later expanded to accommodate small businesses and those who wanted to manage their own campaigns by introducing the Adwords self-service portal then later in 2005, the program “Jumpstart” was introduced.

Adwords system makes use of cookies and sometimes keywords that are initiated by the advertisers, Google uses these characteristics to place the ads on strategic places in the intended website. The advertisers pay whenever their ads are being clicked on by users who were initially browsing before the pop-out ad came live, while website that partnered will receive further a specified portion of the generated income. The Google Adwords program includes local, national and as well international distribution. Most of the ads placed and initiated by the Google Adwords are quite short consisting of at least three headlines with a maximum of 30 characters each, with a maximum of 90 characters , 2 descriptions and a display of two URLs of 15 characters each which are known or referred to as Adwords or Ads in short.

In other words, Google Adwords embodies all the programs which may include The Google AdSense. The Google AdSense is only a tool that is used to target specific ads to a website which will in return reach out to a large crowd of potential clients. Both Google AdSense and Adwords provide a much easier and preferred way to reach out to clients for a lower amount when compared with the traditional method of advertising like banners on road sides.

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