What are the career benefits of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification?

By | July 30, 2019

By now the topic of Six Sigma certification is quite trending and people know more about it. Not just the certification is known but also individuals are looking forward to exploring different levels in order to understand the differences and get benefits out of it. When an individual is getting trained up in the certification course of Lean Six Sigma, they are not just the ones who are getting benefitted out of it, even the organization get a lot of benefits having such a trained and professional candidate in their team.

The Lean Six Sigma certification can be known to be one of the most sorted out certification course that a person can have. Individuals can get the Green Belt that is known to be the most basic one or can also get trained in Six Sigma Black Belt Certification for an upgraded version. The Green Belt offers training in the basic skills that are required to understand well and manage a particular profile. One the other hand, when a person is getting trained in Black Belt, the person is not only getting skilled with the basic requirements but also some of the additional skills such as leadership and others that are equally important and necessary for the person as well as the team and the organization.

If you are still in doubt about getting trained in Black Belt of the Lean Six Sigma Certification course, here are some of the amazing benefits that you can try to understand.

Getting Skilled

The aim of the certification course is to make the candidates well-skilled, irrespective of the place from where the training is being done. Most of the training centers make sure to offer a training schedule that not only offers the best training to the candidates but also make them highly skilled and professional. This is done with the help of a number of methods such as theoretical means, tests, practical sessions, and also interactions with the field experts who can offer knowledge from their experience.  Mostly, the certification is only awarded to the candidates who have cleared the test successfully and have also excelled in the practical sessions so that they can get trained and skilled in the field.

Leadership Skill

One of the most important skills a candidate gains while getting trained in the Black Belt certification of Lean Six Sigma is of leadership skill. Candidates generally pursuing this certification course are positioned in senior places and hence they need to manage a team or even at times the whole department. In such a situation, along with being skilled in the field, the person should be also skilled in the qualities of leadership and similar traits. Leadership quality makes a professional understand the team members properly so that they can be managed in a proper way without much hassle. The certification course helps them in making different plans that can be helpful in managing the team and also getting the work done by the team members in an efficient way. If the person is already skilled in the quality of leadership, the certification course can be further helpful in improving the capabilities of the leadership of the candidate.

Dealing With Problems

One of the main reasons to get trained in the certification course of Lean Six Sigma certification course to have the skill of problem-solving. Every business organization is filled up with existing challenges and the individuals also do welcome new challenges in order to prosper well. In order to deal with the challenges, the candidate should be aware of the ways to deal with such situations well. The certification course of Lean Six Sigma is mainly concerned with the learning of skills of problem-solving and handling the challenges well. It is just the extra benefit of the Black Belt course that it also deals with extra skills such as leadership, time management and others that are also an eminent part and can help the candidates in dealing with a number of problems in an indirect way.

The Basic Knowledge

There can be varied training programs that they claim and talk about training up individuals with the skills that can help them in growing in the respective field. But it is very much important to have a basic knowledge about the technicalities that they are dealing with. If the basics are not cleared, it becomes difficult for the individual also to understand the extended skills and hence the knowledge remains incomplete. Lean Six Sigma makes sure that the basic knowledge of the individual is completed so that the candidate can learn about the skills in-depth and can hence understand the further extensions in a much better way. Black Belt certification may focus on the extended skills but it also makes sure to offer a glimpse of the basics so that the candidates can recollect all those that they have learned in the basic levels such as the Green Belt.

An Improvement Culture

The best thing about Lean Six Sigma is that it is not a certification course that is done and forgotten. In order to keep the certification intact with your resume and profile, you need to keep it updated from time to time. When you have done the basic levels, of course, you will climb high with the next levels. When you have reached out to the Black Belt level too, it is important to keep the certification updated from time to time. This is important because as the world is advancing the course also gets updated from time to time and hence it is important for the candidates also to stay updated. It can be said that it is a continuous process that can benefit you throughout with an improvement culture.

Other Benefits

Apart from the above-mentioned basic benefits, there are also many other benefits that a person can have in his or her career while pursuing the certification course of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Some of the other benefits that a person can surely have from the certification course are:

  • The person can have a great career ahead as the addition of the certification to the resume makes it quite strong and heavy.
  • It offers the candidates with a great number of learning process because it allows you to stay updated from time to time.
  • Apart from the basic skills problem solving and team management, other skills such as time management and communication skills are also a part of the curriculum.

Along with this, there are a number of other benefits too that makes the certification course a beneficial one. The most important thing is that the certification course is not just beneficial for the candidates but also it has turned out to be beneficial for the companies in which these candidates get hired. This is the reason; a large number of companies globally are looking forward to hiring candidates who are not only experienced and professionals but also are highly skilled and are specially trained in certification courses such as Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. This has led a number of candidates to pursue the certification course and also this in return has resulted in many of the training centers to come up with the best resources to train up the candidates in such a certification course.

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