Top 10 Cashew Nut Producing States in India

By | March 28, 2020

The production of cashews in India has increased beautifully since 2017—2018. Compared the previous years, the total cashew production in India reached 28,012 thousand tonnes of cashew produce. If you have to understand the cashew production state wise, then we have a list of top 10 cashew nut producing states in India.

In this article, we shall cover the list of cashew production state- wise and understand which is leading than the others. Every state has managed to efficiently focus in cashews yield and reach their targeted production sharing substantial percentage to India’s total cashew produce.

1. Maharashtra:

Maharashtra is the leading cashew producer in India. Thus, it ranks on the top in its produce with 225.0 thousand tonnes as recorded of last year. There are nine more states that are leading in the list.

2. Andhra Pradesh & Telangana:

Both the states have almost the same cashew production as per last year records. The figure updated was 118.0 thousand tonnes. We have just started explaining about the top states in India based on cashew nut production. Continue to read to know more.

3. Odisha:

Odisha is the third leading cashew producer in India. The state managed to produce 101.0 thousand tonnes of cashews as per the last recorded numbers. Cashews are majorly consumed as dried fruit, in desserts, sweets, and various other recipes too.

4. Kerala:

Kerala is the forth in the list of top states in India based on cashew nut production. The total produce as of last year’s records were 77.0 thousand tonnes. Although, the production was dropped compared to previous records, the horticulture department is talking respective measures to cultivate more cashews this season.


5. Karnataka:

Karnataka is on the fifth position in cashew produce with a total collection of 75.0 thousand tonnes as of last year. It is almost as same as Kerala.

6. Tamil Nadu:

We are still four more states to complete the 10 largest cashew nut producing States of India. To share further, another name in the leading cashew producers of India is Tamil Nadu. The total production of last year was recorded to be 62.0 thousand tonnes.

7. Goa:

Goa is known for a special drink ‘Pheni’ made of cashews. The place serves amazing cashew recipes too. The total produce in Goa was recorded 30.0 thousand tonnes.

8. West Bengal:

Cashew sweets and other cashew recipes of West Bengal are prominent too. The total produce last year was 12.0 thousand tonnes. It is expected to increase this year as stated by the horticulture department.

9. Jharkhand:

Jharkhand is on the ninth position for being one of the leading producers amongst the 10 largest cashew nut producing States of India. The total production last year was 5.0 thousand tonnes.

10. Others:

There are few other names that are collectively yielding and producing 49.0 thousand tonnes of total cashews contributing greatly to India. Horticulture department is satisfied with the total produce of cashews as India cashew varieties are also in great demand in the foreign market.

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