The Benefits of Using iSkySoft, a Mac Data Recovery Software

By | August 7, 2019

What is the Mac data recovery? PC indeed makes your works much easier. However, it doesn’t mean that there is no problem at all regarding the device. One of the problems comes out when some important data or files are deleted. It is reasonable if you may be so upset with it. But you should not worry since there are actually still chances for your data to be back. One of them is by using data recovery software namely iSkysoftData Recovery Full. So, what are the benefits of using this program? Besides, what makes this program more recommended than others?

Easy to Install and Use

iSkySoftData RecoveryFull does not only have a good ability to bring back all data types. But also, the software has a good layout and navigation. That’s why; the process to use it is very easy. The installation process is very easy as well. You only need to download the app and then double click on it. Follow the instructions by clicking “Next” buttons on the window bars. There are terms and conditions to agree and after some seconds, the process is done.
After the software has been installed one, open it, again, by double-clicking the app icon. The main menu appears and there are some options there. Those options are Lost File Recovery, Partition Recovery, Raw File Recovery, and Resume Recovery. There is a description of each option. Therefore, you only need to choose, from which category your problem is for.

More Wizard Supports

This app is designed to fasten the process of file-saving. That’s why; iSkySoft Data Recovery Full features some intuitive wizards that enable you to find out the deleted files more easily. One of the benefits is determining the data type that you want to recover. You can set up the software only to scan photo files, emails, videos, audio, or even software.
This app also enables you to determine the deleted file location. There are some options also whether you want to recover only the file or along with the folder.

Recovering More File Formats

Other types of data recovery Mac software can only recover some types of file formats. They are different from iSkySoft Data Recovery Full that can recover almost all formats available inside your formats. Sure, the most-wanted formats are mentioned in the main menu. Meanwhile, other specific formats that can be recovered are MPG, SIT, JPG, XLS, PST, RAR, PNG, M4V, AIFF, PDF, DNG, GIF, and many more.
This app works not only for the internal memory of the PC. It is good also for all disks and storage including the memory of the digital camera, camcorder, SSD, pen drive, and more.

Partition Recovery

The deleted or lost files are not the only problems you may experiences. There are many more including the file damages. This happens often when you do some actions including creating a partition, scanning it with antivirus, and more. So, you can use iSKySoftFree Data Recovery also. The process is even considered faster than the deleted-data cases. Why? It is because of the characteristics of the files themselves. When the file is damaged, there are more chances for the files to still be inside the memory. Well, they are just not seen or cannot be opened well.

For Mac and Windows

Okay, iSkySoft may be famous for an app to recover deleted files Mac. However, there is actually a series designed for Windows also. In general, they are working in the same way. You must install and then do a scanning process through it. The options are also the same. So, if you are using Windows, not Mac, make sure to download iSkySoft Data Recovery through the link leading to the app for Windows.

Easy to Find Out

The last question is; where is to find the app? There are many websites that provide links to the software. But if you don’t want to take a risk at all, you must go to the official website of this best data recovery. The product is guaranteed to be original with good performance. Besides, you can get it for free. So, what are you waiting for? There is no need to be puzzled for the lost or damaged data. You can choose iSkySoftData Recovery Fullfor Mac Data Recovery.

Steps to Do Deleted File MacRecovery with iSkySoft

Do you have a plan of doing the Mac recovery? When your important data or files have gone, it is actually no need to worry. There are some ways you can do to bring them back. One of them is by using a kind of software namely iSkySoft, the best data recovery. There are mainly two types of recovery software. They are two apps for Mac and Windows. Well, in a case your computer uses Mac, you need to install iSkySoft that is mainly designed for Mac. So, for Mac data recovery, the steps are as follow.

Install the Software

Of course, the first thing you must do is installing the Apple recovery software. There are many similar blogs or websites that provide links for the software. But since not all of them bring you to the original software properly, it is recommended to directly go to the iSkySoft official website. There must be two links available; they are links for Mac and Windows. For this need, you must choose one that is intended for Mac. Only by clicking the link, the software is automatically downloaded.
The installation process is also not difficult. You must double-click the app icon and the window appears. Click the “Next” buttons continuously and agree on the terms and conditions. The program is automatically launched.

Choose the Problems

After the window bar has been launched, there are 4 options available. They are Lost File Recovery, Partition Recovery, Raw File Recovery, and Resume Recovery. Lost File Recovery is to recover deleted and formatted data caused by purposive deletion. It is also possible to bring the files back even if they have been removed from the Recycle Bin. Partition Recovery menu is to find the lost, deleted, resized, or damaged partition. You can also get all the folders and lost files there.
The next option is Raw File Recovery. This feature is to scan files more deeply mainly if you cannot find them through the two options mentioned above. Lastly, there is Resume Recovery which is to continue the recovery process you have conducted in the past but it is not finished. The program may automatically save the progress of your previous scan. For the purposively deleted files, choose the first option for the free data recovery Mac.

Choose the File Type

After clicking Lost File Recovery for Mac undelete, you may enter the next window bar. There are some other options related to the file types. They are Photo/ Graphic, MP3/ Audio, Video, Office Document, Email, and All File Types. It is clear enough what they are for. If you want to recover deleted files Mac in the form of pictures or photos, you must choose the Photo/ Graphic option. Meanwhile, if you want to bring back a deleted or damaged video, it is surely Video Option to be chosen.

Choose the Location

After clicking “Next” the program brings you to the options of the location. All the storages are displayed on the window bar anyway. In case you want to recover data from external memories, make sure that the external devices have been connected to your computer. This way, they are automatically scanned. Again, choose the location by clicking one of them.
There are some complaints in which the external storages cannot be detected during the free data recovery Mac. So, what you need to do is checking whether the storages have been installed well or not. Try to plug it out, then, plug it once more into the connection.

Wait for the Scanning Process

When you have chosen the location, the app automatically starts its scanning process. You should not worry since the process is quite fast. Only in less than a minute, you can just find your deleted files to be back.
So, how is if the file cannot be found during the process of OS X recovery? It is common for users to use the Lost File Recovery option to do this action. Sure, if it is not successful, you can move to the raw file recovery option. A deeper scanning can be conducted and there are more files to be found. This option is great also to scan hidden files in which you don’t know exactly the display names and path. The time duration is longer and of course, you must be more patient.
iSkySoft Data Recovery makes sure that the results will be valid. Therefore, it is definitely the best option for Mac recovery.

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