Temples in Delhi Must Visit Temples in Delhi to Visit

By | August 30, 2014

Indian Capital Delhi has so many temples Gurudwaras Mosque and church. So it as so many Old and New temples in New Delhi. Tourist who wants to visit they can see a very beautiful symbol of Hindu Dharma in Delhi as Temples.So all the temples in new Delhi has its own history and values in pilgrims heart.Here we are going to write about Some Must Visit Temples in Delhi.

Laxmi Narayan Mandir(Birla Mandir)

Location-Cannaught Place

Nearest metro station-R.K Ashram Marg/Rajiv Chowk

Laxmi Narayan Mandir is also known as Birla Mandir which is built by the famous industrialist J.K Birla in 1939.Birla mandir is very famous among not only Indian tourist but Foreigners also.you can hangout with your family in the Garden of Birla Mandir. You can reach their bus or Metro. if you are going there by Metro than you have to take Rickshaw after leaving Metro.

Kalka Ji Mandir

Location- Kalka Ji

Nearest Metro Station- Kalka Ji

Kalka Ji Mandir is very famous among Hindus. Kalka is said to be a Shakti Pith out of 52 Shakti Pith of Mata sati. Kalka Ji Mandir is crowdy in Navratre so avoid to visit Kalka Ji mean while Navratre/Durga Puja Festival if you wants to see the real harritage of Kalka ji.

Maa Katyayni Mandir(Chhatarpur Mandir)


Neareast Metro Station- Chhatarpur

Maa Katyani Temple is also known as Chhatarpur Mandir. Maa Katyayni mandir is spered in a huge area. it has also a very big crowd in Navratre so avoid to visit in Navratre or Durga Puja.Before visit Chharpur mandir plan for the Day at least as after visiting Chharpur mandir you will be tired and will not able to visit any other place.


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