Technology and Agriculture- How technology affects agriculture?

By | May 29, 2019

Projections demonstrate that there will be 9 billion individuals on the planet by 2050. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) norms say we require a 70% expansion in nutrition for upcoming generation compared to 2005 levels to support every one of those individuals, and we need to develop, collect, convey, and devour our food all the more effective. Our developing populace is winding up progressively urban, the World Health Organization (WHO) gauges that 7 out of 10 individuals will live in a city by 2050. After being aware of the consequences like our assets are not going to increase like land or water, nor are the number of farmers.

As economies keep on developing, the level of the general population utilized in the farming area declines. By and large, a 1% expansion in GDP prompts a .052 decline in the level of individuals utilized in agriculture. Regions with the highest population like, Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, additionally have the most astounding level of their people are engaged in farming today. This will undoubtedly decrease significantly as their economies advance. India is one of those nations which have their highest population engaged in farming, there is a significant amount of stress increasing on the land but so is the technology improving and advances in it can be used for making conditions better for the agriculture sector.

if the students have interest in innovation in the field of engineering then they can search for Best engineering colleges in India to get an updated list of college and use their innovative skills in helping farmer, if they choose to pursue a course on agricultural engineering. Agriculture as a field has lot of demands for various different subfields like horticulture, fishery, forestry, etc. and due to increasing population and decreasing supply of food it will be a field which would need more growth for students can also check Best MBA colleges in Karnataka, Gujarat and various other educational hubs for also making the business part of the agriculture as their own.

Some of the improvements in the agriculture sector are Utilization of machines on farms has really improved the production of crops. Currently, farmers can continue farming with less work, and can cut expenses significantly more when they are utilizing the tractor and other machinery. In horticulture, time and work are so vital you need to plant in time, reap in time and send to stores in time. Present day innovation enables few individuals to develop tremendous amounts of nourishment and fibre in the briefest timeframe.

Present day transportation aides in making items accessible on business sectors in time from the farm. Present-day transportation helps farmers effectively transport composts or other farm items to their residences and speeds up the supply of horticultural items from farmers to the business sectors. The transportation also has cooling storage these are utilized for tomatoes and other perishable products new and transport them to the market without spoiling it. Reproducing of farm animals which are impervious to infections. This advantages the farmer as the animals will be productive and more useful for them.

Water system used in farms is another area where innovation has helped the agriculture sector. In dry territories like deserts, agriculturists have grasped innovation to water their crops even in harsh farming conditions. The vast majority of these agriculturists develop rice which needs a considerable measure of water, so they figure out how to develop this rice utilizing water system strategies upgraded by cutting-edge innovation. Propelled water sprinklers are being utilized and this enables the yields to get enough water which is basic in their development. A few farmers blend supplements in this water, additionally enhancing the development of the crops and yields.

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