SEO Mistakes That Could Penalize Your Website

By | November 13, 2018

SEO is the ultimate key to success your business. If you implement the one of the best techniques to make it successful then you must consider the risks. SEO is a quite typical topic for many website owners. Mainly when you havent much experience and knowledge of the SEO, It is quite easy to make a silly mistakes without considering them.

The main five SEO mistakes which are killing your website

1. Unlimited scrolling- Its a most common issue which come ups and faced by many of the site owners. Infinite scrolling designs give a typical headache to the owners. Many of the ventures and businesses prefer these most because the owners produce high clicks for their websites to encourage their viewers to keep stay into their sites for a big long time. This way is good, but there are some disadvantages which cause issues and problems to the designs. The first issue is the infinite scrolling, which make your wesite slow down, but mainly it disturbs the conversations which the readers want to do.

2. An outreach of the Influencer- The outreach of the influence is a thinkable and a great strategy for the website owners and brands which are trying and wants to build up an online presence. First, make sure about your correct strategy, in influencer outreach methods and strategies the brands will try to reach up to the influencers which have the best websites with a higher kind of authority. Sometimes, whenever there is a decrease in the influencer authority then it connects your links to other websites which have low kinds of authority, however this is done when the SEO of your website is damaged.

3. Affiliate sharing- Affiliating programing links are best SEO services which can help but sometimes it hurt your SEO services and techniques. The main aim of the most owners for there affiliate marketing is to encourage the businesses to join their selected links similar to sites like worldstar. Whenever, these businesses would low on authority and didnt publish any good quality content, then linking to the websites through the affiliate programs would affect negatively for your SEO.

4. Blogging for your Guest- I think you are surprised, but its true the guest blogging may hurt your SEO in a great way. But if it is done well then it will give you a great and amazing result. But however, if your guest blogging lacks the goal which you want and you are continuously doing this to create more links for professional SEO services than you are openly inviting google to penalize and destroy your website.

5. Mobile Friendly- If you havent made a mobile design for your website then you are continuso hurting the SEO of your website. If you havent created a mobile website yet, then I swear you are missing a lot of traffic from the mobile users and from those peoples which uses social media to find your business plans.

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