Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist

By | September 9, 2019

Seasonal home maintenance is required for a healthy environment. If you clean your house monthly or quarterly then it will create good vibes in the house. This article talks about seasonal home maintenance checklist so after reading this article you will get an idea about it.

Monthly Maintenance tasks

  • Always inspect and clean the refrigerator once in a month. You can clean the refrigerator with warm water, a sponge, and a drop of dish soap. If you clean your refrigerator once in a month then it will increase the life of your refrigerator.
  • Clean carpets of floors, use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning. Carpet should be clean otherwise it will look bad and if you don’t clean it regularly then it will lead to an earlier replacement.
  • Always clean drains of your home otherwise it will increase the plumbing costs. You should inspect and clean all drains of your home and fixed them. You should also change your filters because it will decrease the utility bill.
  • Clean kitchen bins or use disposable bins. You should clean your kitchen and other bins once in a month because they become dirty and it can become unhygienic so always clean your bins.

Spring home maintenance checklist

  • In the season of spring clean the garbage disposal drain with hot water, use baking soda for cleaning, you can also use vinegar for cleaning. Cleaning with hot water will help to remove the dirt and will clean the drain properly.
  • Clean the water heater, it will increase the life of water heater so you don’t have to buy new one soon.
  • Inspect the smoke and carbon monoxide detector, you should test them quarterly.
  • Check the windows and doors, remove any weather stripping and check them properly so you will find that whether any door or windows requires maintenance or replacement. You can also paint them for new look.
  • Inspect basement, so you will find that whether there is any leak or any maintenance required under basement, if you find any leak then repair them.

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist-

  • In summer, inspect the plumbing, whether there is any plumbing leaks throughout the house. Inspect all pipes and sinks in house and replace or repair them. Check all showers, and ensure that whether they are functioning properly.
  • Inspect fireplace and chimney, clean them, and repair them.
  • Clean refrigerator, check that whether refrigerator is functioning properly and if there is any mistake then repair them, it will increase the life of refrigerator.
  • Clean all windows and doors, you can clean it quarterly. Use can also wash them. Clean your garden and all vent in the house.
  • Clean your all air conditioner and fan in the house. In summer, air conditioner and fan are required so before summer started you should inspect them.

Fall Home maintenance checklist

  • Inspect the kitchen appliances and clean them. If they are not functioning properly then replace them or repair them.
  • Clean all drains in the house.
  • Inspect each smoke detector and clean them.
  • In autumn leaves are going to fall so clean them. Clean your basement, yard and garden properly. Clean all doors and window.
  • If there is any requirement of pain in the house then paint that area in the house.

Winter Home maintenance checklist

  • In winter, vacuum refrigerator coils, and clean the refrigerator and remove the dust from doors of refrigerator.
  • In winter, the water heater is required to clean them, check them whether there is requirement of repairing or there is a requirement of replacement. Inspect the temperature-pressure relief valve and settings on your water heater. Check your water heater for leaks and pressure issues.
  • Check basement conditions and check all fireplace and chimneys because these will be required in winter.
  • Maintain your house, many people don’t clean their house in winter because of laziness and then get dirt in the house so you have to avoid this for cleanliness.

As you can see in the above given article that it is very easy to maintain your home and you can do it regularly. Maintain your home according to season because every season requires different maintenance in a home. So if you are thinking of home maintenance then follow the above given checklist.

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