Sama Chakeva the Festival of Mithila/Sama Chakeva Geet/Maithili Sama Geet

By | October 17, 2014

Sama Chakeva is the regional festival of Maithilanchal a part of Indian State Bihar. The festival is celebrated for brothers.The festival Sama Chakeva is symbol of love of sister and brother. Mithila is covering Madhubani,saharsa, Jaynagar and many other district.


Sama Chakeva Festival in Mithila

Sama Chakeva Starts on the last night of Chhath Puja and continues for 8 days. Women and Girls gathers on a place and sing and dance and pray for their brother’s long life and bless them with best wishes and  happiest life.

Famous Sama Chakeva Maithili Song/ Maithili Sama Geet

As i already written above that the festival Sama Chakeva is the festival of songs and Dance. So here i am going to mention some popular Sama Chakeva songs.

  • Sama Khele Geleiye
  • Chugla Lagan Bita ke 
  • He ge Bihuli 
  • Ketna Jatan se ham Sama beti ke poslaun
  • Kartik Mase Yau Bhaiya Sama
  • Gaam ke adhikari
  • Bindawan me aaig lagal
  • Kaune Bhaiya Jaita Ganga re 
  • Shama Khele geliye yao bhaiya
  • Chalu Bahina Sama Khela Bhaiya k Aangan he

We wish that all our readers from Mithilanchal will enjoy these songs. As these songs are also important in all Vivah Function and other holy days. Hope you will like these songs.All the Sama songs HD Video is available on Youtube.

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