RO and UV water purifier: understand the technology and get the best for your house!

By | July 15, 2019

From food to other daily consumptions we do special care of things that keep us safe and healthy. But many times we forget one thing that is imperative to good health i.e., safe and clean drinking water. Natural water bodies and the uniform distribution of pipelines in India are not in their best conditions to provide germ-free and safe drinking water. Though water comes to our houses while being treated in water treatment plants or by municipality treatments, still the water in taps is not considered as clean water.

This makes water purifier a must-have appliance for every household. Whether you search online or offline, a purifier of the same features but different labels and qualities will come from various brands and companies that you might have not even heard about. Also, if you can navigate the puzzle of selecting a reputed brand, the next important thing to consider in choosing the right water purifiers that fit perfectly for your family needs size and consumption needs.

Insides of RO and UV technology

 RO or Reverse Osmosis is a technology that utilizes semi-permeable membrane to filter the clean and germ-free water. The membrane is selective towards a particular size. It only let the water to pass through. It is suitable for households with high TDS value. The technology is well efficient to remove the dissolved solids.

UV or Ultraviolet technology uses rays to filter the supplied water. Purifiers with UV technology utilizes UV light source. Water, when passed through it, gets filtered, removing germs and microorganisms. Thus, technology is efficient for soft water with a high level of viruses and bacteria. A UV water purifier is therefore not much useful for cleaning high TDS value of water.

The range of suitability

 Both RO and UV technologies possess different areas of working. If one is suitable for hard water, then the other one is efficient for soft water. It further defines the type of water being supplied to your area. For instance, underground water and water from well generally have high TDS value. Such water supplies are suitable for RO purifiers. The technology will help to remove the dirt with enhanced taste and smell. In contrary, water from municipalities, lakes, and rivers is generally soft.


It contains a high level of microbes which require a different technology to attack the viruses and bacteria to make water germ-free. If you are supplied with water mentioned above sources, you can consider looking for UV water purifiers.

To select the type of technology, it is essential to know the kind of water supplied source. Get assistance from Aquafresh customer care toll-free number and ask for the professional help. Aquafresh RO customer care toll-free number is widely available. One can consider to check the TDS value of water in taps and get the installation of the required technology.

purifiers with the use of both the technology

To become more versatile, i.e., effective against germs as well as the TDS value, most of the companies/manufacturers are incorporating the use of both the technologies. These purifiers feature UV light source as well as RO membrane that makes purifier ideal for every house irrespective the type of supplied water source. The technique further enhances the number of purification levels. On the one hand, it ensures the removal of microbes and the softening of the hard underground water, and on the other hand, it maintains the level of purity by removing the dead bodies of microorganisms. Thus, such purifiers are more significant in providing good quality water with the surety of your health.

What to look for before the selection of a water purifier?

 There are other important points to consider before selecting a water purifier. The first thing that one should be aware of is the source of water. The second important thing is to know the requirements of your family. You must be aware of what suits everyone in your house. Know the daily consumption of your family and select the purifier accordingly. Look for the brand of the purifier.


Most of the brands talk about purity, while others are genuine for what they promise. Consider the brand that has been into the business for a long time and has maintained an excellent reputation among the customers. Another critical factor is the price. If an expensive and luxuriously designed water purifier can’t meet your requirements for which you have installed the system, then it’s of no use. One can consider looking for Aquafresh toll-free number and ask the experts for the type of purifier that suits you best. You can either choose RO technology, UV technology, or the combination of both. Understand your needs, budget, and the machine that suits you perfectly.


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