Renting Furniture? Check out Why Cityfurnish is the best

By | February 6, 2019

Leasing furniture is an in-trend these days. Easy yet wonderful multiple choices, free delivery and pick-up, attractive price and hassle-free services. It all makes renting furniture more than alluring. Trying doesn’t harm and people are more than ready to try everything and anything these days. Especially when it’s available online.

As we find many companies offering almost similar services, it’s not easy to make the right choice and go with any particular company. But after reading this article you would realize that it was always the easiest part of the whole play as CityFurnish is the best choice available for the job.

A User-Friendly Online Presence- They has the most friendly online presence when it comes to technology and user convenience. The entire online system is so sleek and hurdle-free that the task of searching products and placing the order is just a matter of a few minutes. Plus 24X7 customer support, efficient team and non-complicated policies make the whole process a very smooth end to end ride.

Amazing Products- Products offered by them have been created with a few very clear pointers- luxury, comfort quality and long lasting durability. But this doesn’t mean that these products lack behind in reasonable pricing in any way. Different kind of products are available for different kind of needs to cater the customers of all categories.

Flawless Services- Customer’s needs and requirements are the topmost priority of the team. The company runs only by one rule- happy customer is THE goal. This can be sometimes easy and sometimes tricky but have always been achieved and would be continued undisturbed.

Fairest Costs- The prices of all the products have been decided after thinking about the best interest of every consumer. A 2BHK house can be easily furnished in and around 5k per month when you are renting furniture . But if you choose to buy the same amount of furniture of the same quality, it would easily cost you around 2 Lacs. Although it’s completely relevant to personal choices, at the beginning of a career, investing such a big amount in movable assets like furniture which has a depreciation cost of around 20% per year doesn’t sound very lucrative. Plus, in case of an unplanned movement from one city to another the hassle and monetary loss one has to go through to sell or move the furniture, can take a toll on anyone. Not to forget how big the trouble would be if you go for buying again instead of renting.

Easily Approachable And Helpful Customer Care- At CityFurnish customer support is actually one phone call away. It’s not one of those IVR systems which give you thousands of options to choose from and it takes millions of steps before getting to the right person. Keeping it simple is the way of working in the company and the policy is followed by the entire team for the best interest of the consumer.

Flexibility In Almost Everything- Every possible step which might or might not need any kind of change any time has been provided with an option of choices. The comfort and convenience of the consumer is the only thing the company cares about. The concerned person of CityFurnish team keeps the constant touch with the customer to make everything as much hassle-free as possible. They always executes everything like- delivery, pick-up, appliances installation and paperwork exactly as per the pre-decided directions of the consumer. Sometimes things change unplanned and our requirements also change with them. For example- lets assume you thought of renting furniture for three months but due to some reason you need to return everything or any particular piece or some guest is paying a surprise visit and you want to extend the tenure for a few more days, in any case by contacting the customer care you can change your tenure period without any trouble. In case of moving to any other city, you can surrender furniture and get the same things again in the new city. The best part is, there is no additional cost you need to pay to make the change.

Over To You- Having said all that, still many things remain untouched we can consider important when it comes to our home and personal sphere. After all, our home is the dearest part of our lives and no-one wants to invite troubles into it because of any reason. We all want to choose the best for our home and family. Sometimes the freedom of changing mind can be the only way to choose the best. Feeling unsatisfied and not in the right place is actually the best thing that can happen to anyone as these notions make you take a pause and rethink your choices. Sometimes confusion is the only way to find a clearer path. So get ready to feel confused. Take a wrong path, change it and change again. What’s the worst thing that can happen to you other than that one day you will surely end up in the right place. At least you won’t have the regret of not even trying.

Thank you so much for reading.

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