Providing Quality Education To The Unprivileged in India

By | January 15, 2019

Poverty is a dangerous disease of this society which should be removed from the root. But how can we eliminate this terrible disease from our society? Well, the answer to the question is by helping others. But how can we help? We can definitely donate our money to help them. But the question is what the more effective way is? Well, the more effective way is to educate them because only education can combat poverty from the root. Child education is something that can help our country to grow because they are the backbone of any society.
How to help in a child’s education

Sponsor a child’s education
Lok Kalyan Samiti is a leading NGO that has been working for child education for years. The journey started in 1975. Since then, they walked in mud and through dirty lanes but knocked every door to reach them. A recent survey says that most of them forced to leave their education because of their financial condition. Their parents are also migrant workers. So they cannot bear their educational fees.
So, if you really want to help these deprived people, you can simply sponsor a child’s education by donating Rs 5000 per year. Or, else you can give Rs 55,000 to sponsor a child’s education that starts from Balwadi till class X.
Free tuition
Underprivileged children barely bear their education fees. So, they don’t have tuition fees to offer. You can offer them free tuition classes. Directly contact the local school and tell them that you are interested in providing free classes.
Donate your old books
Donating your old books can help a lot of children as they cannot even buy new books sometimes. These are the basic necessities which need to be fulfilled. Along with books, you can also donate your clothes, sweaters, shoes and different other necessary items of school. Contact a reliable NGO like Lok Kalyan Samiti and give them all these things. They will distribute them among all those children who are in need.
Utilize your living room
If you usually return from your office early, you can conduct a class in your living room. Gather all those needy children from your area and start educating them for free. You can teach them multiple subjects as well as different activities. It’ll start working as a school soon. This living room school can change many lives at a time.

Aware them about educational benefits
Education is the only thing that can make them employed in the future. It’ll not only help them to grow but also teach them the difference between right and wrong. So, education can reduce crimes in our society too. Apart from that, this is the only weapon to combat poverty. You have to teach them all these things. Otherwise, even if you offer free education, they will come to your place.
If you don’t have to much time to reach them directly, Lok Kalyan Samiti should be your ultimate destination. Visit this page to sponsor a child’s education in India. Keep in mind that changing even one life can make a big difference shortly.

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