Pros and Cons of Concrete Kitchen Countertops

By | September 12, 2019

The inclinations of the homeowners to use concrete in the kitchen countertop has been there for long. and the interest is growing. While affordability is one of the reasons, the other one is its popularity. With a wide range of choice available for the customers such as quartz and granite, the options are endless. No wonder this option has been trending for a while, and it seems that concrete will be a preferable option for the kitchen countertop for some more time.

You may have a lot of things in mind while designing the concrete countertops in the kitchen, but it is essential to know the pros and cons to ensure whether to choose it or not. A majority of the options of concrete countertops are created on the site, but the others can be pre-fabricated in the store. However, care has to be taken to build frames for supporting the sink as the countertop must not bear its weight.

The points below provide a quick glimpse of the pros and cons of kitchen countertops.

Getting started with basic

When you start calculating the benefits of concrete countertops, you will find out the material can be easily made into various shapes and forms. The ability to be molded into various forms makes it easy to fit in the kitchen dimensions. Although you may not get a wide choice of colors in concrete but the options are versatile. However, if you decide to go ahead with this option, you have got to take a step back and think in a different line. No one can deny that concrete is a first-rate product and is naturally quite expensive than the rest. When you are planning to change the kitchen countertop, you are only halfway through the work of kitchen renovation. Therefore, you have to rev up your actions, look into the issues and find out the best options for the countertops.

The following are the pros of the concrete countertops.

  • Distinctiveness of the material

One of the basic reasons for which you can select concrete for the countertop, it is due to the prevailing trends, the aesthetic appeal, and the distinctive looks it creates. Regardless of the size and shape of the kitchen, you can play with the texture, hues, and the shape of this material. Apart from this, you can adorn it with built-in features such as a drain board to achieve a customized look.

  • Cleaning work

Worrying about the cleaning issues in the kitchen is natural with all the dirt and grime that accumulates in this corner of your home. Concrete can mitigate your burden of cleaning the kitchen. All that you have got to do is to clean it using warm and soap solution. If you need to do heavy cleaning work, the best option is to use a pH cleaner as it prevents the harm the cleaning agent can cause to the sealant. Remember that the harsh cleaning this area of the kitchen even if it is made from concrete.

  • Smooth surface

Based on the design of the countertop, you can make the concrete surface smooth unlike the other materials.

Here are few cons concrete for the countertop

  • Repair work is not possible

Cracks are bound to appear on the concrete surface and repairing it is almost out of question.

  • Remove the stains

Similar to the other materials used for the countertops, you must remove the spills from food and drinks immediately. If you want the surface to retain its original shine, you can never compromise with the cleaning work for spills.

  • Applying the sealant

For the concrete surface, every homeowner must be diligent enough to apply the sealant every year to avoid the issue of staining.

  • Development of cracks

As the concrete surface used for the countertop is not precast most of the time, cracks can develop on the surface. However, it may not be due to the poor quality of work, but other reasons as well such as the tension caused due to the tightening of the screws in the faucet.

  • Not fit for hot utensils

Placing the hot pans directly on the concrete surface can also damage it incessantly. So, the material is not fit for keeping hot utensils.

If you are planning to go for Kitchen Cabinet Renovation, you have to analyze the pros and cons of concrete kitchen countertops before finalizing the choice.

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