New YouTube Revenue Opportunities for Channels

By | October 9, 2019

With the ever-increasing trend of social media consumption, people have been trying to induce their business to the platforms for generating increased sales funnel. One such platform is YouTube which has been named as the second most-used search engine which has been used by the marketers to roll-out their advanced products in an effective way.

Recently, YouTube has launched a new channel opportunity. This unique opportunity has been helping businesses generate enhanced revenues, and we have got all the details for you!

They rolled out this new feature and opportunity at the VidCon 2019 which has been enabling channel owners to earn revenues, and some of the attributes include merchandising features, super stickers, and membership levels.

In the case of super stickers, YouTube is planning to launch various designs with multiple languages and niches such as fashion, music, food, gaming, beauty, sports, and much more. If you want to use the super stickers, you will need to buy Youtube Views during the premier and live stream as it will tell the developers if the super labels are creating enough hype. It is expected that this feature rolls out in the upcoming months.

In addition to the super stickers, there are new emojis, unique badges; users will be provided access to the extra videos, live streams, and shout-outs. In this month, YouTube has been planning to test the creator-enabled membership levels, which allow the users to get hold of up to five channels along with the memberships. Moreover, the memberships will come with multiple additional features and subscription plans.

Then comes YouTube’s Merch Shelf, which allows the users or we may say creators to sell merch to the target audience with the help of their channel. Recently, YouTube has stated that they will be bringing up five new partners to the merch shelf inclusive of Represent, Rooster Teeth, Crowdmade, Fanjoy, and DFTBA.

The Learning Playlists

Many people take help in their studies on YouTube, which means that they use YouTube for learning purposes. If you are one such person as well, YouTube is rolling out the “Learning Playlist” option which is aimed at creating the optimal learning environment for the people who want to learn.

In the initial stages, the content published will be from Crash Course, Khan Academy, and Ted-Ed to makes that students have an extensive knowledge pool with a touch of professionalism. Moreover, every academic topic will be covered. Currently, YouTube is working on the beta version, and in the upcoming months, they are planning on launching all such features in the US.

When it comes to making the social improvement, this new feature of live streams will help the people generate money and raise funds for nonprofit purposes. In case if you are a donor, you can donate the funds just by clicking on the “Donate” button which has eased the overall process.

More Control

In order to make sure that the user base has complete control over the video creation and any video related thing, three steps have been taken by the officials of YouTube.

As a YouTube user, you must have seen the recommendations under the video you are watching and with these new sets of opportunities, a side-scrolling list will be added in which relevant videos will be visible. In that list, the channel can be the same, or other channels can be added if it’s the appropriate field of interest. Moreover, to enhance the user experience, YouTube will be rolling out the feature of canceling the suggestions along with the reason. So, now let’s have a look at the three steps which we were talking about earlier;

  1. Subscriber Analytics & Notifications – In this part, YouTube has added features to enhance the notification system. They have added two new metrics which is aimed at helping the channel owners to understand the effect of notifications
  2. Comment Cleanup – There has been a 75% drop in the comment flag because the algorithm of YouTube has made sure that the bad reviews are visible to everyone watching the content
  3. Hidden Comments – In this feature, the reviews will no longer appear below the video; instead, users will need to check separate through a separate window


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