Making Money on YouTube Just Got Much Harder

By | June 14, 2019
We clearly cannot recall the last time we heard about someone is not a blogger or a vlogger and people have been digging the idea of being able to make money simply by making videos and uploading them on YouTube. Well, this trend got so many people in the wave and that got them to start their own channel. There is no doubt that people have earned a lot from YouTube but recently, there has been a hindrance and it has been getting difficult for people to earn through YouTube.

When we asked people who were running a YouTube channel that why they got into this field and surprisingly, almost 80% started it in hope to get money and earn some extra bucks. There are many other things on YouTube which can be the cause of earning money other than just making videos and one such thing is earning money through advertisements in the videos. In the start, everyone has to put efforts and the results and income might be little but with time, when you progress, you start earning more. But with so many people getting in this field, YouTube has made some changes in its rules and regulations which have caused difficulties for people who are trying to earn money by making videos.

Until now, there weren’t any hard and fast rules about gaining public views because users could easily register on and join the Partner Programs if they had a YouTube channel and they would give them 10,000 youtube views. But the reason behind these changes in the rules and regulations about making money is so that the original and creative content couldn’t be harnessed and the quality of content remains up to the mark. But if you are a content creator with unique and interesting ideas and the quality of your content is up to the mark, you do not have to worry about anything. This change is only for the bad actors and spammers.

The new regulations incorporated by YouTube require the content creators to have various things to start earning money;

  • 4,000 watch time hours during the first 12 months of the channel creation
  • Having at least 1,000 subscribers

According to the founders of YouTube, this is just to make sure those content creators who have positive contributions in the field will have fair opportunities.

This does not mean that the existing channels will not have to bear the changes but however, as the loyal partner, YouTube will provide them a 30 period time so that they can work on this thing. This means that after 30 days of time if the channels who were earning money before and now if they don’t follow the rules, they will be removed from the YouTube and there will be no money making. According to

This has even caused the more earning for the channels that are creating high-quality content. According to the research, there was almost 40% increase in the profit in 2017 as compared to 2016. So, don’t worry if your content is good because it is just to kick off the bad actors!

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