Jammu and Kashmir Election 2014 Result/BJP is the Leading party In Jammu Kashmir election 2014

By | December 23, 2014

Jammu and Kashmir is the only state in India which is having Muslim Majority. People of Jammu and kashmir  Has recently faced some problems like Jammu and Kashmir flood and Terrorist attack and fight between India and Pakistani army. But we should salute their spirit that they came out and voted in the Jammu and Kashmir 2014 election. People of Jammu and Kashmir has braked all the records of earlier to vote for them.

Jammu and Kashmir Election Result 2014

after casting their Votes in general election Jammu and Kashmir 2014. Every one is waiting that who will be the next rulling Party in Jammu and Kashmir?? Who will be the next CM of Jammu and Kashmir?? Counting of votes will be started on 23rd Dec 2014. It means will all know about the next ruling Party In Jammu and Kashmir in 2014.

BJP Became Ruling Party In Jammu and Kashmir Election 2014

Bhartiya Janta Party is all set to break all the Previous records and hope will be the next ruling Party in Jammu and Kashmir. Many people are thinking that BJP is the party supported by Hindu only. But it seems wrong these Days as BJP is leading in Jammu Kashmir which has majority of Muslims. So only one we say that any party which will talk about development and growth,will supported in India. Indians are smart enough to choose the best for themselves so wait and watch who will be the next PM in Jammu and Kashmir valley.

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