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By | April 20, 2019

Instagram is a very popular social media platform with billions of users across the globe. You can post your daily life activities, hobbies and many other things on instagram in the form of photos, videos etc…On instagram there are millions of public and private profiles of people including celebrities, politicians, musicians and various public figures where millions of photos and videos are shared. As you know that due to strict policies of instagram you cannot directly download anything so for that you need to have an online instagram downloader.
Before we proceed any further let’s talk about instagram stories. Basically instagram stories are a new feature of igtv that allow users to upload their story of the daily that includes some peak moments of their day. Suppose you are enjoying your holiday on the beach and you have made a short clip of 20 30 seconds that includes your best moments of the day, you can make it as your instagram story so that your friends and fans can follow your day. There is no official option in instagram to download a story from any profile so for that you will need to open and then go to its instagram stories downloader.
Make sure that you have copied the correct URL of any instagram story that you want to download with odownloader. Users can also view all the stories of any instagram profile by just entering the URL. Once you will enter the URL of any instagram profile, all the stories will pop up in front of you within a few seconds.

Is it Safe?

Yes of course, its 100% safe and secure to use instagram stories downloader online because you don’t need to download any software or any browser extension for that. All the work will be completed by the super-fast servers of odownloader that will grab the complete profile data of any instagram stories profile within few seconds. Unlike other downloader sites, odownloader don’t have any irritating or annoying ads on its platform that rip off the user experience on the site. You can use any of our services free of cost without worrying about anything because we have some best security experts at odownloader who works day and night to secure the platform for you.

Please Remember, we will not be responsible for any possible copyright claim or mis use of the content because that’s the responsibility of a user to take care of these things. We are not affiliated with the official website of instagram neither we have any collaboration with them. We are just offering some free and excellent services for your ease.

The Bottom Line

We hope you are satisfied with the excellent and super-fast services of odownloader, meanwhile you are most welcome to check our other services as well including YouTube downloader, YouTube video cutter and our mp4 to mp3 converters online. odownloader supports all the popular social media websites for downloading purposes online so if you want to download anything from any social media platform then don’t forget to try our services. We are quite sure you won’t be disappointed after using them. Have a nice day

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