Impact of Online Education

By | March 26, 2020

The process of education has not changed for a long time, i.e; students go to an institution where lecturers or teachers would take classes and demonstrations. This process would have been effective previously. But the recent surge in the number of students who are interested in being educated so that they can create a career opportunity leads the institutions to consider a new and more effective way of education. This new and effective way is the introduction of online courses. Institutions that offer degree courses started with the execution of online courses for a few topics being covered in the degree courses. Some universities like Amity University offer online certification courses such as CPA, CFA, etc. These courses will help students who have finished their undergraduate courses to get into a proper career path.

Online Education can be used either for the advancement of their career or just for the improvement of knowledge. Most colleges or universities in India have a new scheme where candidates are awarded grade points for successfully completing an online course. These Online courses are supposed to be a part of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Students in undergraduate courses can now take up online courses and get the benefit of being able to get grade points that will help their overall GPA. Management Colleges in India such as XLRI, IIMB, etc. are the few colleges that have faculty that are involved in creating these Massive Open Online Courses.

The biggest impact that online courses have had is the fact that remote education is now possible. People who live in cities that do not have a proper educational institution can now access these online courses and get a good quality education. Likewise, there are a lot of benefits of studying online, not just for students but also for individuals who are working and are interested to advance their careers by completing certification courses.

Some of the benefits of studying online courses are:

  • Flexibility: Individuals who are pursuing a job and want to advance their careers but they do not have time for a full-fledged university schedule can apply for online courses. These people can work their courses around their busy work schedules to make sure that they learn whatever is required to get qualified to move forward along their career paths. Often, online courses do not require logging in at a specific time but the candidate can still interact with the lecturer and the other students, and learn the topics at his/her own speed. This is really good in terms of keeping the candidate’s self-worth high as he/she is not discouraged to learn with the imposition of punishments or other tactics used in traditional education.
  • Lower Investment: There are a lot of individuals who are interested to learn more but their financial situation would be limiting them from doing so. The introduction of Online Courses has now brought that impediment to an end. Online courses are often free of cost and these free courses are usually good enough for the improvement of one’s knowledge of a certain topic. If a certificate is to be ensured, the individual is required to pay for the online course, but the fee for this will be very less compared to what a university or a college would charge.
  • Development of Self-motivation and responsibility: It is true that an online course can be done at the comfort of one’s home, and sometimes it leads to the misconception that students will not be responsible enough to complete the course lessons and the assignments given to them. But people need to see that online courses are an opportunity to develop the discipline and responsibility to be able to complete these course lessons and assignments on time and submit it to the authority conducting the online course. This practice will also allow people to become generally motivated about things and this will help them stand out in a crowd full of people.

Amity University considered all these benefits and only then did they started providing online courses for candidates who are interested to do certification courses and improve their understanding of a subject. Candidates who complete online courses also develop greater interaction abilities and higher concentration towards whatever they are working on. These are some important characteristics that make an individual stand out in a crowd full of people during the selection process for a job interview.

The top management colleges in India such as IIMB, IIMA, CMS-Jain, XLRI, etc. are slowly realizing the impact that online education can have on the people and that with online education, the university will be able to reach a larger group of individuals which is beneficial for both the individual and the university.

The pace of education is slowly shifting into the digital world and people are looking for more and more convenience with almost everything that they do. So it is a good time for educational institutions to do their research about these concerns and create an educational process that is both convenient and effective.

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