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How to Prepare Green Tea for weight Loose/ Benefits of Perfect Green Tea


Green Tea is the tastiest home remedy to loose weight.Green is available at all the place.Green is very healthy drink for all aged people.green tea is great tool to reduce weight without ant difficult exercise or yoga.So one can loose weight easily with having a ship of green tea.Green tea is not only healthy drink for weight loose but it is very good for our heart and as we all know any thing which is good for heart is also good for Brain so green tea is a very healthy refreshing Drink.

How to Prepare perfect Green Tea

  • Take a clean Teapot.
  • Put Green Tea Leaves in the Teapot.
  • Boil water in a clean pot at appropriate temperature.
  • Than Pour the water in Tea Pot.
  • hold for a while until the Tea Leaves will well mixed with the water.
  • Pour Green tea in the cups till the last drop of Tea.

Health/Beauty Benefits of Green tea

  • Green Tea will help you to reduce extra Fat on your Body.
  • Green Tea will regulate your blood circulation.
  • Green Tea is good for skin
  • Regular sip of green tea will make your face charming.
  • Green tea will help you to control cholesterol level.
  • Green Tea is very good for heart.
  • Habit of drinking green tea will make your rituals relaxing.
  • Green tea is preventing from acne and pimples.
  • Green Tea adds healthy cells in the body so it is good for cancer patients also.

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