How to prepare for ITIL Exam?

By | August 5, 2019

ITIL is one of the most important certification courses in order to seek a high career in IT sector. There are a number of people who think that just getting training can fetch them the certification with the help of which they can gain high career goals. But the fact is a bit different than what it exactly seems to look. Just appearing for the training is not enough to qualify and pass the exam well and get the certification. An individual preparing for the certification needs to go through a number of things so that the right amount of knowledge is absorbed and the right marked can be gained.

If you are an aspiring ITIL individual and wish to appear for the exam, it is important for you to know the right tricks that can help you in preparing well for the exam. Here are some of the tricks that can surely help you in knowing the right ways to do really good in the ITIL exam and get certified in a proper way.

Choosing the right training center

There are so many people who do not care much about their selection of the training center to get the certification for the ITILĀ® Exam. It is important to understand that having enrolled in a proper training center is very much important so that you are provided with proper training in the certification course. The training should be achieved as per the guidelines of the ITSM that is being followed globally. Also, you should have a check whether the faculties of the training center are quite qualified or not and whether are sound enough or not to provide you with proper training and education in ITIL. It has to be understood that if your basics are not cleared, you will be not able to understand the rest of the story. Hence, it is important that you have proper training before you start preparing for your exam on your own.

Make a schedule for the training

If you are a working professional, it is quite understood that you do not have much time in hand to devote to the training. But as it is important for you to get trained in order to score good marks in the exam, it is important that you schedule your time for the training. You should devote at least an hour for the training, in whatever modes you wish to have such as classroom mode or e-learning mode. This regular practice of getting the training will help in maintaining the flow and will also help you in appearing for the exam quite fast and with proper confidence.

Study The Whole Book

There are so many people who think that just going through the important chapters or few of the chapters can help them in passing the exam. There is no hint studying in case of ITIL. You need to complete the whole syllabus so that you do not regret later on. Questions can up from anywhere of the coursebook and hence it is immensely important that you go through the whole module in place of just guess studying. Also, when you are known to the whole modules, it not only just helps you in passing the exam properly but also helps in your career ahead in performing really. When the set of books are provided to you from ITSM, it is for a particular reason and hence you should make sure that you complete it all before you finally appear for the exam.

Make your own studying too

If you wish to really gain good scores in the exam, you need to do your own studying too. Apart from studying the books provided by the institute or from ITSM, you should also consider reading some other books from other sources too. There are so many reference materials and books available online that can help you in gaining a good amount of knowledge before you appear for the exam. It may happen that you can understand the topics even better when you have reference materials along with you and you go through them also in detail.

Attend the Case Studies

There are so many case studies provided in the training. These are not just for fun but are a helping hand in making you understand a lot many things. The case studies are quite real and come from the real industries. Hence, you can relate these case studies with what you have studied. This will help you in understanding the topics in a much better way and also in getting to the depth of the course so that you can know the actual terms and also how to apply them in the real circumstances. These case studies can happen to be really helpful in many cases.

Practical Sessions

If you are among those individuals who consider the practical sessions to be an irritation, you can be completely wrong. These practical sessions are the perfect options to help you practice what you have studied already. There are so many times when the theoretical things are not understood in a better way but when you do it in a practical way, you get it in a much better way. Hence, it is always advisable to complete the practical assignments and tasks carefully so that you can learn from them too.

Practice test papers

Apart from getting learning from the guide books and other resources, it is also a great idea to get into the habit of solving test papers. There are so many test papers available online that can help you in this. If you think that your training and preparation time is over and you have studied enough, you should start spending days in these test papers. Practicing at least a few of them each them can help you in maintaining the time for the exam and also knowing about the questions that can appear in the exam. There are also a number of times when you might get some common questions from the test papers and this can be a great advantage for you.

Complete the project

The project provided is not just something that can fetch you some good marks. There are many of the individuals who make someone else do their projects while they are busy with their office or some other tasks. This is not a great practice if you are looking forward to getting some good grades in your certification. While you are completing your project, there is a lot to learn and know. Hence, it is always advisable to do your own projects so that you can get prepared for your exam well.

ITIL is one of the certifications that are meant for IT service management. The latest versions of ITIL are meant to deal with options such as Agile and DevOps. Hence, taking the exam for granted will be a great mistake. It is important to get into proper preparations so that you can have a proper exam and you can fetch good marks so that you can get ITIL Certification in the first go. After all, who actually wishes to fail in the first attempt and then apply for the second chance to get certified?

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