How To Make Natural Holi Colors at Home,Make Herbal Colors at Home for Holi

By | February 24, 2015

Holi will be celebrated on 6th March 2015. Wet Color, Gulal are the main things which we use on Holi to celebrate this Hindu Festival. But often i have heart that many of us having etching and other problems with Holi Colors and Gulal. As Gulal and Holi Colors are not very safe these Days. I would prefer you to play with Natural Holi Colors and Herbal Holi Colors on this Holi. Here i am going to share the ideas to prepare Natural holi Colors at home/How to Make Herbal Holi Colors at home. Read this article and enjoy a very safe and colorful Holi with your friends and family.


How to Make Natural/Herbal Holi Colors at Home

Basically we are using three and four common colors on Holi such as Red,Yellow, Green,Blue. so here i gonna tell you that how you make Herbal Holi Colors at Home.For that i gonna share Easy tips to make Holi colors at Home.

  • How to make Natural Red Color at Home

Red Color is the most demanding Holi Color. So at very first i gonna tell you that how to make Red Holi color at home. For Wet Red Color add a spoon of Red Sindur in water and soak it well.Puja Roli will also be a good option to Make Red Color.For Dry Red Color add Sindur or Roli in Atta and use as Handmade Red Gulal.

  • how to Make Natural Green color at Home

Green Color is also a very popular color for playing Holi. So for Handmade Green holi Color at home you will have use this easy and simple tricks to make holi color at home. For Wet Green Color add Mehandi Powder in water and shake it well. You can also use some green vegetable paste such as Palak and Pudina and shake it very well before using.For Dry Green Color use Mehandi/Heena Powder and some Atta to get shades in Green color.

  • How to Make Natural yellow Color at Home

Yellow Color the cutest color to play Holi. For making handmade Yellow Color Turmeric Power will be the Best option.For Wet Yellow Color Add a Spoon of Turmeric Powder(Haldi) In water and shake it well Boil the liquid for best Result.For Dry Yellow Color Use Haldi with Atta and Maida.

  • How to Make Herbal blue color for Holi

For Wet Blue Color  Crush the berries in the water to get a soft blue colors.For Dry blue Color Take some Jacaranda Flowers and dry it in sun light and than crush it and make a powder and than use as Dry Blue Color.

I hope this article on Handmade Holi Colors will worth you.



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