How To Identify Your Partner Is Cheating On You?

By | January 17, 2019

Usually, men are the ones who are involved in extra-marital affairs. At least that’s what statistics says. You will be shocked to hear what recent research has revealed. It says that women in India are not shying away from making the first move!

A French dating website conducted a survey on married individuals. The site had 3512 Indian men and 3121 Indian women members. The results showed that Indians no longer consider having a relationship outside marriage a taboo. So here are the findings of the survey:

Women are not averse to making the first move to seek a relationship outside their marriage. In more than 1/3rd of the cases, females took the lead. A majority of these women were between 43 years to 49 years, which is similar to the rest of the world.

88 percent of the respondents kept those encounters to themselves. Eight percent shared them with their friends or peers. Four percent shared it with their family. Shockingly, 57 percent of the respondents (male and female) accepted those encounters. However, it was just about satisfying their urge rather than developing a long-term relationship.

Signs your partner is having an affair

Given the results of the survey, you might want to check on your relationship. Everything may seem all right but you can never know your partner is having an extra-marital affair. Relationship experts say there are a number of subtle warning signs that could be an indication your partner is cheating. Before jumping to a conclusion, here are some warning signs you can look out for in your relationship:

  • Longer hours at work

If your partner’s standard work schedule becomes longer all of a sudden and they are staying late, this should be your first red flag. For those of you whose partner is canceling plans for work consistently, this might be a cause for concern.

  • They are always on their phone

The second most common yet subtle change you will see in them is unusual phone behavior. Leaving the room when they get a call, hiding their screen from you and speaking in hushed tones, not even leaving their phone unattended for a second – all these are signs that your partner is secretly involved with someone else.

  • Unusual spending behavior

When a person is cheating, they often demonstrate unusual behavior. Not only will you observe your partner has become more conscious about how they look, but their spending habits have changed, too. Generally, when someone is cheating, they are better at covering their financial tracks. You will find them hiding their mail or bank statements so that you never know about where they are spending their money.

Find out the truth with Xnspy

If you have seen one of these signs in your partner but you don’t want to confront them because you are still in doubts, you can unravel the mystery by using Xnspy – an app to monitor your spouse’s activity. It’s simple; you just have to follow the steps below to monitor their phone’s activities and determine what’s wrong about their behavior.

Step 1: Subscribe to Xnspy

Start by subscribing to . You will receive all details about how to sign up and register for an account and how to activate the app at this step.

Step 2: Install Xnspy on your partner’s phone

Now follow the installation guide to install Xnspy on your partner’s phone and wait for 24 hours for this app to monitor spouse activity.

Step 3: Log in and start monitoring

After successful installation, you just have to log into your Xnspy web account and there you’ll see a menu that reveals all the information you want to see from your partner’s phone whether it’s their text messages, call logs, location, social media chats, emails or even web browsing history. If they are cheating on you, you will find concrete evidence and then confront your partner on its basis.

Infidelity is becoming very common now that the internet has made it easier for us to get in touch with anyone even our exes. Even though everything in your relationship seems fine, your partner still could be involved in an affair or a fling. The purpose of sharing the survey was not to scare you or make you question your partner but to make you aware of the problem. Catching your partner red-handed is easy if you are using an app to monitor spouse activity but the real deal is to protect your marriage and make sure none of you get involved in an extra-marital affair.

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