By | February 12, 2019

We all wish to create marriage items which are not repetitive and common. The article such as the welcome should stand out among all others. The colour of the bag or box is matched to the wedding colour and decor. In some cases, it is of neutral colour and does not clash with the other setting. The welcome bag can be of strong paper, cloth or a box. It is personalized with decoration logo and text in such a way that it can be used again. Such bags or boxes can be purchased, made to order or outsourced to family and friends. There are professional agencies they take order for welcome bag. Get in touch with these agencies and give your specifications. An internet search will bring you in contact with these agencies. Work out the specifications and the cost as per your budget.

To be added to the bag is literature of the venue and the nearby specialities in terms of sightseeing and shopping. The guest can visit these places in free time in between the functions. A map of the area is very helpful. Insert some wedding snacks both sweet and salty in the bag according to the custom of weddings. Some knick-knacks like chocolates cookies is also a welcome change. Dry fruits packets are the best snacks. Small water bottles come handy in quenching the thirst and in carrying. Put a hangover recovery kit in the bag. Males will find it very useful. Candies for children and ladies. Some small items like luggage tag, wine opener etc comes handy in time of need. You can get these items put in the bag through the company you place order or give it to helpers who work under the supervision of some relative or friend. Place the bag in the respective rooms. The day guest also gets these bags. Give this responsibility to near ones. Hotel manager can coordinate this work. Sometimes it is a chargeable service. It can be placed in the room beforehand. Welcome bag assembly and distribution is an important activity and must be planned well advance in time. Bags must be transported to the venue before the guests check in. The destination weddings the bags are assembled at the place of the venue.

Wedding venues in South Delhi abound. There are big, medium, and large venues in south Delhi. There are hotels, banquet halls in all localities of south Delhi. The capacity varies from 70 persons to 3000 people. During wedding seasons, they are in demand and are booked well in advance. Gurgaon Chhatarpur and several farm houses are booked for weddings during the season. Five-star hotels are also very popular venues.

Chand Bagh by Fern N Petals has built opulent wedding venue on NH 8 in south Delhi. The brand is analogue with rich celebrations of different variety. It caters to the mid-range and wealthy celebrations. The place is well equipped with all paraphrenia that goes with celebrations. People here have the best celebration time without inconvenience which create great memories.

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