How to Boost Your Startup Business with Custom Perfume Bottles?

By | November 30, 2018

There a lot of entrepreneurs spending more on marketing and advertising their startup perfume business than what they’re earning. If this sounds like you, then you this tip is for you!

This is the secret strategy of the big perfume companies out there, and this will be the game-changer on your business.

But before I tell you how to utilize this strategy to get more sales, let me tell you some of the things you should avoid when buying or choosing the right custom perfume bottles.

1. Never buy transparent custom perfume bottles. If you’re going to buy transparent bottles, you’d better off soliciting empty perfume bottles from your friends and family members.

2. Don’t be afraid to design unique bottle shapes. Your custom perfume bottles must have unique shapes that people will quickly remember. Copying the bottle shapes of famous brands will just lower the value of your perfume. People will think that your perfume is a low-quality imitation of the original brand.

3. Don’t force your customers to “LIKE” the design of your perfume bottles. Be a force of innovation by getting feedback from your customers. They will appreciate your effort to find the right design for them and you will collect more ideas for your next batch of custom perfume bottles. Each customer age group have their own preferences when it comes to bottle shape and color.

Now, you know what to avoid.

This time let’s dive deeper to learn the secrets to designing your custom perfume bottles. The good news is that you only need to consider two things when designing your own perfume bottles – color and shape!

What is the importance of using colored perfume bottles?
The colored perfume bottles will shield your perfume inside it from direct sunlight. This will make your perfume long lasting and create a high-quality brand image. While the big brands cut down on coloring their bottles, you should take advantage of this knowledge and educate your customers so they would always prefer to buy your perfume.

Now, you can use any color on your custom perfume bottles as much as you want. Just remember that they have to match the name of the perfume scent and your customer age group.

For example, you created a perfume scent mixture with an orange scent so you named it ‘Orange Sunrise’ but then you put it in a purple bottle. Do you see what I mean?

The worst case scenario would be marketing your purple bottles to teenagers! That is the wrong customer age group. Younger age groups prefer more lively and vibrant colors. It’s better to get feedback from your customers so you’ll always get the right color for each age group.

The colors of your custom perfume bottles should speak to your customers and create a bond with them!

Isn’t square or round shaped bottles enough?
Yes, they will also work. But, don’t expect your customers to remember your perfume and buy again from you!
The shape of the custom perfume bottles will make your brand easy to remember and they will love collecting your perfume bottles because of its unique design and creativity.

But it should not also look weirdly out of this world, and worse, it’s difficult to hold! Remember to balance the creativity with the usability of your custom perfume bottles. Again, you also have to consider your customer’s age group.

Here’s a quick test you can do on your company’s Facebook Page.

Before you launch a new perfume scent, post some sample designs of the custom perfume bottles and let your customers vote by liking the images. You should also encourage them to give their suggested or preferred colors and shapes. You will be surprised how much information you can get from your customers and how much sales you’ll make after launching your new perfume scent with the custom perfume bottles!

You’re now getting excited and you think to yourself, “isn’t custom perfume bottles more expensive than regular ones?”

In the past, they were, but not anymore! Thanks to the internet.
You can now Google companies who are selling wholesale custom perfume bottles. And the more you order, the lower the price per bottle will be. You will also find some small-to-medium startup companies that could offer you much lower pricing. You only need to partner with them and establish a long business relationship in order to get better pricing each time. Just like you, startup businesses are more flexible and more customer-focused when it comes to providing services and goods.

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