How to Apply For Voter ID Online apply for Voter ID Card

By | November 21, 2014

Applying for voter ID card is not so difficult in these days.Yes I am saying a 100% True statement. Election Commission of India has simplified the process of applying for Voter ID Card in all across the India. Here i am going to share that how to apply for voter ID Card online. So that you can apply for Voter ID card from anywhere in India online. This online voter ID card registration will take very little time and you will successfully will be able to apply for voter ID Card. 

Election Commision of India is responsible for conducting and managing elections in all over the india and it is also liable to distribute Voter ID Card to all the Indian citizen so that they can Vote in general election and other various election. here i am going to write down the steps for applying voter ID Card online.

How to Apply for Voter ID Card Online in India

Every State has given their own link for applying Voter ID card Online. So you will have to click on your own state’s link.Here i am going to take an example of Apply Online voter ID Card in Delhi.

Steps for applying voter ID card Online in India

Step:-1 Register for Voter Id card online application form.

  • So first of all i need to click on the link of Delhi’s Voter ID Card Registration(Chief Electoral Officer Delhi)
  • On this page you will have to register your self before applying for The Voter Id Card Online
  • Click Here to Register for Voter ID Card Application
  • As you are a new user so first of all click on login button.
  • Than a form will be displayed on the screen.
  • Fill up your details.Enter your OTP no which will be sent on your Mobile no.
  • Now Click on Create User.
  • Than you will receive a message that you have successfully login.Now click on Click here.
  • Now you will be again on login page.
  • Now enter your username and password
  • Click on Login.

Step 2:- After register you will have to apply for Voter ID Card. 

  • Now select the form as per your requirement. As per our case here i am going to apply for New Voter ID Card. So i will have to click on form no 6.
  • Now a new window will be opened.
  • Now you can fill your details.
  • Enter OTP No.
  • Now click on continue button.

Step-3 Now You will have to upload your photograph.

  • Choose photograph and click on upload Button.

After Uploading your photograph you will be getting an application ID. Now save this application ID as you can check your application status with the help of your application ID.

Getting Application ID for Online Voter ID card doesn’t mean that you have received your Voter ID Card. After some days of applying for Voter ID card online a person will be come down to your place for verification.

Step:-4 Upload required documents:-

  • One Date of Birth proof such as high school’s certificate.
  • One address proof such as electricity bill or a received latter on your address.

Note:- Document can be given to the visiting officer for verification or You can upload your documents.

Step:-5 Upload Your Supporting Documents.

  • Click on choose file button.
  • After choosing your file click on upload button.

Note:- uploading size will be 200kb and in JPG format only.

I hope these information about How to apply for voter Id card Online in Delhi will  worth you. We would highly appreciate your view and suggestion for this article. Please share your view in our comment box.

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