How Delhi’s Population Participated in Increasing Pollution

By | December 27, 2019

In the last two decades, Delhi’s pollution problem is increasing year over year. Proportionally, Delhi’s population is also increasing at more than the usual rate. Is there any coincidence or related to each other? Yes, of course, this massive population needs loads of things on a daily basis and it creates many things.

This is inevitable that Delhi is going to become the most polluted city in the world. What caused this? There are several factors that affected this event. Let’s explore one more important which is the massive population of Delhi.

More Vehicles.. More Pollution

In Delhi, there are more than 1 crore vehicles including 70 lakh two-wheelers. It is one of the highest vehicles in India. Did you know? This much vehicle contributes in air pollution, noise pollution, and other types of issues.

If people start using public transport systems, such as metro, city bus, auto-rickshaw, private taxi (sharing), e-vehicle, and another type of transport mode (public), we can decrease at least some percentage of pollution in the national capital.

Think about the population of Delhi, in the next two years, it is projected to reach about 1.93 Crore. This increased population adds more vehicles and eventually increase in pollution.

Increase in Single-use Plastic

In many metro cities including Delhi, the last two decades have seen an increase in single-use plastic. This resulted in great increase of plastic pollution in Delhi. Eventually, this single-use plastic got burnt or dumped in a landfill site, resulted in severe pollution to the national capital area.

Stubble Burning

This is one of the major issues for the people of Delhi. A stubble burning in Haryana and Punjab results in severe pollution to the national capital area. According to one study, 8% of pollution is caused by crop burning. However, different experts have different opinions. There is no second opinion that, stubble burning is one of the causes of this increased pollution in Delhi.

This topic is also raised by politicians of Delhi and defended by the states of Haryana and Punjab. There should be joint action by the government of Delhi, Haryana, and Punjab. In addition to this, the farmers of these three states should work together with their respective governments to minimize the pollution in Delhi.

Ignorance towards Environment

In Delhi, the natural green cover reduced rapidly, thanks to urbanization at a quick rate. This resulted in fewer trees and a more concrete jungle. The people of Delhi and the Government of Delhi need to work on this thing very quickly which may help to the decrease in pollution.

The Government of Delhi should be made compulsory tree plantations in certain places, including schools, government buildings, government schools, colleges, universities, and such other places. A fixed number of trees should be planted based on carpet area and built-up area.

Let’s work together to say good-bye to the pollution from Delhi!

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