Farakka Express Hadsa Accident in UP Near Raebareli 10 Oct 2018Latest News Image

By | October 10, 2018

Today on 10th Oct 2018, Farakka Express train derailed near Rae Bareli and at least 10 people dead and more than 50 people injured by this accident. Insured patience has admits in the local hospital and more injured passengers went in Varanasi for treatment. A team of Doctor has reached near accident and relief work is in progress. 6 Coaches and engine of this train derailed at early morning near Harchandpur at 06:05 am. Railway department has been released the emergency helpline no for this accident. Rai Bareli is 70 km far from the capital of Uttar Pradesh Lucknow.

Farraka Express hadsa latest news, Farakka express train Raebareli accident news update, Farakka express Durghatan me total kitne log mare hai.

Farakka Express Latest News Hadsa at Rae Bareli At least 10 Passengers Dead and more than 40 injured badly. Officers are reaching at accident places soon.

Farakka Express Rail Accident Emergency helpline number for Mugalsarai (Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Junction):  

05412-254145 and 027-73677

Farakka Express Hadsa Durghatna Helpline No For Patna – 

0612-2202290, 0612-2202291, 0612-220229 (BSNL), 025-83288

फरक्का एक्सप्रेस रेलगाड़ी जो मालदा से होकर दिल्ली को जा रही थी उसकी 5 बोगी रायबरेली के पास हरचंदपुर में पटरी से उतर गयी है, जिसमे कम से कम १० लोगो के मरे जाने की आशंका है और कम से कम ४० लोग बुरी तरह से घायल हुए है| राहतकर्मी हादसे वाले जगह पर पहुच गये है और जो लोग अन्दर ट्रेन में फंसे हुए है उन्हें बहार निकाला जा रहा है| अभी तक हादसे की वजह का पता नहीं लगा है|
जो गंभीर रूप से घायल है उन्हें लखनऊ भेजा जा रहा है
Now all routes of this way have blocked due to this accident and rescue team is working. Farakka express train was coming from Malda and going to Delhi.
Chief Minister of UP Shri Aditya Nath Yogi ji has announced that 2 lakh rupee for the family of victims and 50000 (Pachas Hazar) compensation for injured passengers.
At time GRP and railways ministers are available on the accident place. Still the reason for this accident Hadsa has not recognized. Local people of that location reached and support the passengers as they can do.

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