Easy Home Made Decoration Idea For Diwali Rangoli,Kandils & Diyas Hd Images & Photo

By | October 29, 2018

Diwali is on head. As we all know Diwali is the festival of lights and cleaning. We all clean and decorate our house with certain decorating Item such as beautiful Diyas, Diwali Rangoli, Flower. colorful lights,Bulbs,Kandils, Candles and many more, I have a very good under budget Diwali decoration Idea for you. here I am going to write some Easy Home Decoration Idea for Diwali.I amgoing to share about some of Best Diwali Decoration Idea Images , diwali decor idea for home ,and items necessary to decorate your home in Diwali.  By help of these simple tips you can prepare some home made Item for Diwali to decorate your home.


Home Made Diwali Decoration Item

Things we need to prepare Home made decoration Item:-

  • Colorful Paper
  • water Color
  • Glitter
  • Colorful Lase
  • Colorful Ribbon
  • Diya
  • Colorful Stones
  • Pearls
  • Some Home decoration Items
  • Scissor
  • Diyas and candles. …
  • Wall hangings. …
  • Glass bottle lights. …
  • Floating candles.

Diwali Easy Flower Rangoli

Diwali Decoration will be half if you haven’t create Rangoli in your home. So prepare some easy Rangoli designs in your home on the occasion of Diwali. Make some Rangoli Designs in T=Your Home on the occasion of Diwali. It will enhanced your decorations.


Ganesh Ji Simple Rangoli Design HD Photo Wallpaper







ganesh ji eady rangoli design photo

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Home Made Kandil for Diwali

Kandil is very popular diwali decoration item. So you can design some easy Kandils , Candles on your Home. For Making kandil you need some Colorful paper, Glu, Water color, colorful stones and Sheets. below we have mentioned some beautiful Home Made Kandil designs for this Diwali.

Step 1:-



Step:- 2


Step 3:-


Step 4:-


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Diya Decoration For Diwali

Diwali is festival of Diya. Diyas are the essential part of Diwali but decorated Diya can add moons in your Home decoration in Diwali. This age is asking for creativity so active your creative mind and decorate the simple diyas to on this diwali.

Step :- 1

Put Colors on your Diya like that.

Diya Decoration6

Step:- 2   Add Glitter and stones on your to make them beautiful.


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  3. Imran

    Kalyan,Merry Diwali to you! It is a beautiful fsiaevtl and I like the fact that it inspires renovation (hence the re-decoration of the house).Let me tell you that you have a great taste and I’ll follow some of your tips. Isn’t it in Diwali when Burfi and Ghukra (I am not sure if it is spelt properly – correct me if not, please) is eaten?Cheers


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