Chhath Puja Maithili/Bhojpuri song, Chhath Puja Song by Sharda Sinha/Manoj tiwari

By | October 22, 2014

Chhath Puja is the main festival of Indian state Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.Chhath puja is being celebrated on the Sixth day of Diwali. Chhath Puja is a 4 Days Festival. the very first day of Chhath Puja is known as Nahai Khai,while the second day is know as Kharna. Third Day is celebrated as Sanjg Aragh and the last day is celebrated as bhor Agargh as well as Paren.That was a little imformation About Chhath Puja.


You know the most interesting part of the Hindu Festival Chhath Puja is Songs. yes Chhath Puja is incompelete without Chhath Puja Songs. Chhath Puja songs are available in various local languages of Bihar such as Chhath Puja Bhojpuri sons,Chhath Puja Maithili Songs. there are many popular singers but Manoj Tiwali Chhath Puja songs and Bhojpuri Singer Sarda Sinha Chhath Puja songs are the most famous Chhath Puja Songs. I gonna show you some popular Chhath Puja songs for help you to select Chhath puja Songs.

Popular Chhath Puja Bhojpuri Mathili songs

  • Marbo Re Sunba dhanukh se Chhath puja song
  • Kanche re baans ke bahangiya Chhath puja song
  • Chhath parav Karav Chhath puja song
  • Sanjhiye se thaad Bani Chhath puja song
  • Patna Ke ghat par Chhath puja song
  • Anna Dhan Dihalu Ratanwa Chhath Puja Song
  • Mahima Chhathi Mai ke Chhath puja song

Sharda Sinha Chhath Puja Songs/Video

  • Kelva ke paat par ugelan surujdev by Sharda Sinha
  • Nadiya ke teere teere by Sharda Sinha
  • Uga ho suruj dev by Sharda Sinha
  • Kath Ke Kothariya ho Dinanath by Sharda Sinha

These all songs are available on youtube. So you can Download Chhath puja Mp3 Songs and Chhath Puja Virdeo Songs from Youtube.

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