Brand Registration: All Essential Information

By | January 10, 2019

Brand registration is a very important process that every organisation needs to complete. Without registering your brand, you cannot protect your brand or prevent others from using your brand name or logo.
Due to the sudden rise in the usage of Internet, today, a business can grow like anything without any geographical constraints. For rapid expansion of your business enterprise, it is important for the business enterprise to register their brand, so that no one will misuse their brand name and trademark.

Registering your brand name is not an easy task as you think it maybe. It is a time consuming process that needs to be done carefully. Most organisations hire the help of an experienced attorney or a professional agency so that they can handle the complications that may arise during the registration process.

Brand Registration Process in India – How it Works?

Domain Registration: The first step in a brand registration process in India is domain registration. For any business, small or big in size, an online presence is very important as more and more businesses are happening through the online medium these days. A business enterprise without an online presence will find it difficult to get business and will struggle in the long run.

Thus, domain registration is the first step in the brand registration process. Domain registration is not a costly affair as you can register your domain cheaply. You can choose the domain names that will end with .com or .net depending upon your choice and budget. The availability of a domain name can be checked by searching on Google.

Business Registration: The next step in the brand registration process is the business registration. In business registration, you need to find a name for your business and then register it. There is no rule that your business name should match the brand name, logo or domain name, but if it matches, it is good. Once the business name is selected, you need to check it with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
They will check whether your business name has already been taken or if there is any business name that is similar to yours. In most cases, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs will not grant you the permission to use a business name that is similar to one that already exists. Therefore, when selecting a business name, it is important to select a name that is unique and does not exist.

Trademark Registration: Once you have registered your business name, the next step in the brand registration process is the trademark registration. It is the trademark registration that can ensure utmost protection for your brand. Through trademark protection, you can protect your brand name, business name, logo, design and slogan. Therefore, it is very important to do your trademark protection as soon as you start your business so that no one can misuse your brand.

Copyright Registration: Copyright registration is for those industries that deal with literacy, music or artistic work. But, if your enterprise has a unique logo with any musical instruments or designs on it, then you will have to perform a copyright registration to ensure that others do not use your logo. For logos that do not have any artistic designs or music instruments, there is no need to do copyright registration.

Brand registration is very important for a business organisation. It is only through brand registration, you can protect your brand from being used by others.

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