Best German Language Courses in Delhi

By | January 29, 2019

Learning a new language can turn out to be a lot of fun! But that’s not all; it can also be beneficial if you ever decide to travel to the corresponding country for work or studies. And while there are a lot of popular languages to choose from, the German language is quite sought after as it can be really beneficial for your career.

But where do you learn this amazing language? Well, thankfully, there are many amazing schools and institutes in Delhi which offer stellar German language courses for you to choose from. Of course, it is not easy as you have to consider a lot of factors before enrolling in a course. And you can’t just select a German language course on random because it will require both your money and time.

Lucky for you, we checked out a list of German language institutes in Delhi and found out that Upfluent Language School is one of the best places to learn German. In this article, we will give you more information about this language school and why you should choose this for your German learning experience.

You can find them at :

Address: Address: 26/1 First Floor, Green Park, Next to CADD center, New Delhi, Delhi 110016

Phone: 91-8076071030


About Upfluent Language School

Upfluent Language School is one of the top Language Institutes in Delhi which focuses only on a single language, German. As a result, they offer better results to the students who enrol in their courses and have become a popular go-to choice for anyone planning to learn German.

One of the main reasons why Upfluent Language School is such a great choice is that because of instead of focusing on history and boring people, they use a practical and fun approach to teach German.

German Language Courses Offered

The first thing you need to understand that Upfluent offers a variety of German courses, depending on your language proficiency and requirements. Here are 6 level courses which are offered at the Upfluent Language School:

A1 Level

In case you want a basic understanding of language for a short term visit then A1 Level is the best choice. In this course, you will learn the basics including some common expressions and how to communicate with a person. This is the beginner session and is perfect if you are planning a short trip to Germany anytime soon.

A2 Level

If you are likely to spend more time in the country then A1 + A2 level would be perfect with you. In the A2 Level course, you will be able to describe your feelings and identify restaurants, taglines, etc. easily.

B1 Level

The third proficiency level, B1 level course focuses on describing your experiences of your travel, work, etc. This is a good way to learn how you can communicate about your work, studies, relationships, etc. and can be beneficial in getting a job in Germany as well.

B2.1 Level

If you would like to specialize in the German language then you need to complete the B2.1 Level course. Once you complete this, you will speak German like a native speaker which can be beneficial if you are planning to work/study in Germany.

B2.2 Level & C1 Level

These are the advanced levels which will not only help you speak and write German fluently but will allow you to express your ideas in it too. After the completion of these courses, you will be able to write a poem/story in German and will find it easy to use it in your personal and professional life. This course is perfect for anyone who is planning to stay a couple of years in a German-speaking country.

Goethe Exam Certification Course

Finally, if you already know how to speak German or are looking to just get certified in the language then Goethe Exam Certification is the best option. This course is helpful if you are applying for a job to an MNC based in Germany and requires you to show certification in the German language. In this course, you get mock tests to practice and several practice test papers to work upon.

The course is quick and affordable and will help you get the Goethe Exam Certification in no time at all.

Advantages of Taking a Course with Upfluent

As mentioned before, Upfluent is one of the best language schools to speak and write German fluently. And if you are still now convinced, then here are a few reasons which will definitely help you understand why we thing Upfluent is the best language school.

Unique Teaching Method

The best thing about Upfluent Language School is that they have a unique way of teaching German. Unlike other schools, they don’t believe in cramming the words and expressions and believe that communicating is the best way to learn. They focus on understanding and implementation rather than memorizing the German words and phrases.

Also, they don’t have a large number of students crammed into a single class which makes it easier to learn. With only 15 students in a class, teachers are able to focus better and teach better. And the interactive sessions help the students in learning German quickly and easily.

Guaranteed Certification

Another advantage of going for Upfluent is that they prepare you well for the Goethe Exam Certification. In fact, if you fail your level exam then they help you in re-preparation without any extra charges.

Online Classes

One of the best things about Upfluent Language School is that it also offers online and pre-recorded classes to the students. So, even if you end up missing a class, you won’t miss out on the session.

Affordable Pricing

Finally, the courses here are affordable and won’t leave you bankrupt. And they have a lenient payment schedule. So, you can pay 50% fee before the class starts and the rest in instalments.

Upfluent Language School is different which is why it is the best school to learn German in Delhi. In their courses, you follow an interactive approach which is why we think it to be the best German school in Delhi.


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