Best fountain pen gifts for fountain pen lovers

By | May 24, 2019

When you have a fountain pen enthusiast around, it’s quite likely that you would find it difficult to shop something useful for them. There may already be several best fountain pen selections alluring their collections. Now, what exactly would be preferable is a difficult decision. This would get even more complicated if you really have no idea of what to pick and what to look for. Well, this content will take you through the most suitable choices from the available diversity of fountain pens.

Be very clear about the fact that there would be varieties of varieties for fountain pens and their relatable accessories. Selecting a few that are suitable among the best is a matter of smart decision. Looking on to several probable options may help you come up with better selections.

Best Fountain Pen Gifts

There are many popular fountain pen brands that keep up their places in the markets and collections of fountain pen enthusiasts. Here are some preferable options you may consider for gifting:

  1. Lamy Safari

Lamy Safari had been one of the most recognized fountain pen brands. These pens can easily mold as per the different writing styles of the users. You may purchase the nibs separately that are available in great varieties in different sizes including calligraphy, stun and fine nibs. You may, therefore, be able to switch easily to different writing styles. Lamy Safari is a standard inclusion in the collection of fountain pen lovers. Make sure you an updated model since it’s likely to be found in all pen collections. Undeniably, this is the best pick for all fountain pen enthusiasts.

  1. Parker Sonnet

The name of the brand is enough to let someone go crazy for the use of this pen. This is absolutely lavish pen option with the black silk appearance bringing on the touch of timelessness and depth. With its multilayer lacquer, elegantly varnished it emerges as suitably a beautiful pen selection when you really consider its appearances. The user may let their words flow smoothly on to the paper with the hand polished and manually assembled, stainless steel, gold plated nib. It would certainly make someone fall in love with writing.

  1. Mont Blanc Classique

Who’d skip the pleasure writing with a 14-carat handcrafted gold nib? The gold plated details on deep black resin give the gentlemanly appearance to the excellent pen. It is known to perform smoothly on the page, allowing you to write all your heart out. This pen has been marked as a distinction by the white star Monte Blanc emblem. This one is a highly considerable choice of course.

  1. Tibaldi Bently

Tibaldi had been known for bringing up excellent limited edition pens in honor of specific Bently models. The features of each of these pens are based on the model they represent. The one discussed here is a sturdy handsome piece designed with the precious brass base along with solid rhodium plating. The rhodium plating has layered texture and the 18-carat gold nib with the Bently logo makes it one of the most stylish fountain pen designs. You could also look on to other models from this collection all being excellent in their own ways.

  1. Waterford Lismore Platinum-Plated

This elegant fountain pen design had been inspired by the Lismore Castle architecture. The wedge-cuts and diamonds are hands cut beautifully on the brass body plated with well-polished platinum. Along with its bi-color 18-carat gold nib, the pen possesses a classic, timeless appearance. You would get probably the best fountain pen with this one, emerging as a perfect gifting option for fountain pen enthusiasts. You may look for other models of this brand too.

  1. Dunhill Sentryman

Inspired by the English pillar box, this precision engineered pen is known well for its unique shape. It is composed of black resin along with gold plating on the brass body. It has a functional spring clip and a medium 18-carat gold nib with the Alfred Dunhill Logo. This clean-lined pen is refillable with either cartridge or converter.

  1. Lamy Dialog 3

With a revolutionary design, this pen has a bi-color 14-carat solid gold nib that is set within the barrel. You can extend or retract the pen by twisting the barrel. This pen provides everything from the sophistication of a fountain pen to the convenience of a ballpoint pen. When you close the pen, the clip becomes available and the ball valve closes to protect the nib end. This is probably the most stylish fountain pen gifting options.

  1. Montegrappa “La Traviata” Sterling Silver Fountain Pen

Earlier known as Elmo, this limited edition pen design had been serving luxurious writing experiences for hundreds of years. This one is one of the most stunning limited edition collections. This is an absolute artwork hand-etched in the barrel, representing the opera “La Traviata”. With the 18-carat gold nib and black ink, let them create their own stunning artworks.

  1. David Oscarson

These are probably the most luxurious gifting options from the limited edition pens. This exquisitely crafted pen commemorates the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar Jaques de Molay. With black and white chequered enamel evokes a spectacular design similar to the floor at the Masonic Temple. Also, the clip of the pen represents a miniature templar sword that has de Molay’s red stone too. Keeping up its theme well, this pen is certainly a perfect pick to let the writer acquire some of the most relishing writing experiences.

  1. Cross Townsend, Quartz Blue Lacquer

This excellent pen with balanced features comes along two ink cartridge. However, it is also, refillable with the converter. The entire cross pens are known to be shipped into elegantly packaged gift wraps. With multiple layers of translucent lacquer, it emerges with a deep blue body that is well finished with rhodium plating and has 18-carat rhodium or gold nib. Of course, it is one of the most considerable gifting options for fountain pen enthusiasts.

You may pick the best fountain pen from the above-mentioned selections and pave ways out to some great writing experiences for your acquaintances.

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