7 Simple Life Lessons from Sonia Gandi

By | November 29, 2018

If we look into history, we will find that a lot of people can influence our state of mind with things that appear impossible at certain moments. The ex-President of Congress party Sonia Gandhi has influenced many people in a similar way. Starting her life from a simple town in Italy, she achieved the status of one of the most powerful women in the world. Despite the opposition she had faced in her entire political career, she remained dedicated to the welfare of the nation. She has served as the President of the most prominent political party of the nation and her hard efforts in 2004 elections made it possible for Congress to regain the position in the center after a long time. Here is the list of things that we can learn from Sonia Gandhi:

Never give up

The love story of Sonia and Rajiv took a crucial turn when her father denied her involvement with one of the most powerful political family of India. Even after the denial from her family, she married Rajiv Gandhi and their love story is recorded forever in the pages of history.

Always believe in yourself

Sonia started her career as a simple waitress in a cafe adjacent to Cambridge University from where she completed her education. After her marriage with Rajiv Gandhi, she involved herself in the education of restoration of art and dedicated her time in preserving Indian arts. After the death of Sanjay Gandhi, Indira Gandhi asked Rajiv to join her in the political arena of the nation. Rajiv Gandhi had already established his career as the pilot of the commercial airline and his involvement in the politics was never anticipated. Responding to her mother’s request, Rajiv joined the Congress party to support her mother. Sonia Gandhi never expected the husband to pursue a political career. It was hard for her to accept this change but she is supported her family at every instance. Although she never made an appearance while her husband served as the Prime Minister of the nation, she actively remains involved in the background to help Rajiv with the office works. The death of her husband raises serious security threats for Sonia Gandhi and her children. Instead of worrying about the threats, Sonia Gandhi boldly took actions to prevent her family from any attacks in the future.

Never stop believing in yourself

From the very first day of her political career, Sonia Gandhi has faced a lot of criticism from the members of the opposition party and her own party as well. Despite of this opposition, she took part in elections from Rae Bareli seat and won consequently. Her victory in every election shows the love of the common population for her which give her the strength to lead the nation towards its better future.

Always trust your instincts

Sonia Gandhi joined the politics with a very little knowledge about it. Her dedication toward the nation and Congress party made it possible for her to appear as one of the strongest contenders in India’s political arena. She made herself aware of the emerging problems in the party and Nation and planned thoroughly to develop a strategy to overcome the same. Her hard efforts made it possible for Congress party to regain its long lost trust.

Staying strong

Rajiv Gandhi was designated as the Prime Minister of India after the assassination of her mother Indira Gandhi Sonia Gandhi supported the decision of her husband and stood strong with him every scenario. After the assassination of her husband, she was broken completely. A number of leaders from Congress Party approached her to take the position of her husband but she denied engaging herself in the politics that became the reason for her husband and mother in law’s death. She joined the party a few years later and was designated as the President of Congress. Under her administration, the party grows by many folds.

Communication is the key

Emerging from the Italian soil, it was hard for Sonia to communicate in Hindi which is the most common language spoken in India. Her heavy accent emerged as a reason for criticism by opposition party members. Instead of giving up, she worked hard to improve our communication skills communicate with the common people of India easily and interpret their problems.

Always work towards the greater good

In 2004 elections, when Congress has defeated the BJP in the nation, it was suggested by the prominent leaders of Congress that Sonia Gandhi should serve as the Prime Minister of the nation. The appearance of a woman with such great calibre and education threatened the opposition greatly. As a result of this, the opposition party challenged the nomination of Sonia Gandhi as the Prime Minister of the nation of her foreign origin. In order to prevent further contradictions, Sonia Gandhi suggested that Manmohan Singh should serve as the Prime Minister of the nation. Her bold decision put an end to the allegations by the opposition party the maintained the credibility of decisions in the Congress party. Dr. Manmohan Singh served as the Prime Minister of India for two consecutive terms and Sonia Gandhi’s distant vision brought the GDP of India to one of its highest levels. Under her guidance, schemes like MNREGA and RTI were introduced in the nation for the very first time to ensure the transparency in the working government and security of income for labor class. Since the inception of her political career, Sonia Gandhi emerged as one of the most powerful political leaders. Even though she was criticized by the opposition because of her origin from a different country, she worked seriously for the welfare of the nation and its people. She had become a role model for women the globe received a lot of recognition nationally due to her selfless acts for developing better and prosper nation.

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