7 Promises Every Man Should Keep  

By | November 30, 2018

Promises keep us going. Whether it is the piggy swear between the friends or is it the wedding vows, promises hold the relation closer and bind them with certainty. And thus, these hold the same meaning when it comes of a married couple. While you may think that they’ve been married and have surpassed the phase of love and promises, however, the reality lies that even after years of marriage it is the love and the promises that keep them together. Like an assurance, these make us feel secure and makes the martial bond stronger. Every wife and every man needs to keep their share of promises and while now that we are talking about him, following promises are the ones every man should keep no matter how hard the situation becomes.

1. Promise To Love Forever
With the years passing by, love tends to change and the couple no longer feels the necessity to keep things exciting. The first and the foremost promise a man should keep is to keep loving even when the clouds are gray and shouldn’t pass a day without making her feel unloved and unblessed.

2. Promise To To Make Everything Special
Just like you used to make the courtship period exciting, it is the sole duty of a man to continue the ritual of birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, New year gift for wife and make her feel the young love she irrevocably loved.

3. Promise To Stand Up
Stand up to make her feel secure, stand up against the false accusations, stand up especially she is on the low side of her day, that’s one promise every woman asks for. If you have promised this earlier, make sure to keep up to it.

4. Promise To Stay The Same
Staying the same man she fell in love with is the greatest promise you would make. Following the same surprise routine, the same weekly routine, caring about her needs, pampering her, supporting her, stay the same and that will be the best gift to your woman.

5. Promise To Keep Her The Priority
With the advent of time, a woman becomes secondary and to a man, other things of life take over his mind and heart. Keeping her the priority would build trust and bind the relationship stronger.

6. Promise To Be The Best Example To The Children
Becoming a friend, a partner in crime, an adviser, a supporter, setting the best example of being a great father is one promise you should and must keep. Becoming the best friend of their lives and to their partner is what can make you the man of her life.

7. Promise To Support You
Supporting each other’s decisions that too both personal and impersonal is one promise that can bind you two in the greatest symphony and make her never come out of it.

Now that you know all the promises, make sure to keep each one of these and make her happy from within.

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