5 Tips by PokerLion which Separate Poker Sharks from Poker Fish

By | November 12, 2018

When you are termed as a poker fish, be sure you are not complimented. Poker fishes are the ones who play poker amateurishly. On the other hand, sharks are the professional poker players. An expert and a non-expert, there is a huge gap between these two poker players.


In poker online, the edge is not that apparent as it is in other sports. This is what makes it even more fun. The entire thought process behind each poker game, each move comes into play. Let’s check out the five skills which separate poker sharks from poker fishes.


Pay attention to details 

A fish normally pays attention to itself rather than observing different players at the poker table. Poker fishes always think about what they don’t have and what they have. On the other hand, the sharks sit quietly and notice each and every movement of the players at the table initially. They take in the information and then start playing their hands according to the information gathered.


Control on emotions and impulse 

A poker shark has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the game and knows that emotions ought not to take better of him/her. The poker sharks will never let poor beats get to their heads as it is the part of the game and the entire poker online experience. Not sweating over the bad hands, errors and games can make a poker fish a better player over time.


Ability to adapt 

Adapting different situation while playing poker online game is what separates a poker shark from a poker fish. For example, playing rather odd lines might not be read easily by the opponents, which is a part of poker gaming experience. A good and expert poker player will bring on an element of unpredictability to the playing style. If you are aware of how your opponent will play their moves, you can adjust your playing style to beat them accordingly.


Ability to read the game 

Reading a poker game is not easy at all. A shark has the ability to keep track of players, how the cards are shuffled, they can determine the probable hands in each player hands. This permits them to have a fair idea of the ideal style of playing and approach needed to win on the given table.


Range balancing 

A shark knows the fact that if they use the same move every time or use the same strategies every time, they will be predictable easily. To stop that from happening, what they do is balance the ranges. In simple words, sharks play in such an approach that whenever they make a move, the opponent is left thinking that the hand played is either impossible or a bluff. The fishes are unable to apply any such tactics to their game.


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