5 Interesting Things to do in Uttarakhand

By | January 6, 2019

Before creating its very own identity, Uttarakhand was a part of Uttar Pradesh. This beautiful state comes top on the to-visit list of avid travelers. Boasting enchanting views comprising of greenery and Himalayan ranges, this “Dev Bhoomi” comes with a tranquil mysticism and abundance of options for wonderful adventures.
Uttarakhand is an ideal destination for the ones that love mountains, nature, and adventure. So here you go with some of the interesting things you can do in the state.

1-Marvel at spectacular engineering of Tehri Dam:

The mere mention of the Tehri dam brings in the names such as Bhagirathi River, Tehri Dam Movement, Tehri Hydro Development Corporation, Man-Made Lake, and so on. This earth-filled embankment in Uttarakhand is one among the highest in the country making it nothing short of an engineering marvel. This famous dam isn’t just known for its architectural beauty but also the scenic beauty close by. When planning to visit Tehri Dam Uttarakhand, make sure you capture the beauty of Tehri Lake surrounded by high mountain ranges.

2-Mountain Biking Experience in the Himalayas:

This popular activity in the Uttarakhand based Himalayan ranges expands across various districts starting right from Haridwar going all the way to remotely located Tehri district. The beauty of the Himalayas is best experienced with a bicycle and boosted adrenalin rush you get from scaling the mountain tops and beautiful pathways surrounded by scenic beauty.

3-Swerve down at Rishikesh with Bungee Jumping:

Mohan Chutti, which is India’s very first bungee jumping locale with the fixed platform, stands ahead of Rishikesh by the Shivaliks. As you reach here, you get to experience the best vantage point in the state when it comes to observing nature. The instructors will help you understand all the gears, jumping techniques, and safety tips to ensure a fun experience.

4-Enjoy Ecotourism at Jim Corbett National Park:

The Jim Corbett National Park ranks as one among the oldest sanctuaries comprised of rare species. It was established back in the early half of 19th century in order to protect endangered species of Royal Bengal Tiger. This sanctuary flaunts an ecosystem resembling the Himalayas. When out on a safari ride, you might be lucky enough to witness 400+ plant species along with 500+ species of the migratory birds. The sanctuary doesn’t just house Bengal Tigers, it is also home to Himalayan Black Bears, Leopards, Pangolins, and so on.

5-Explore colors at the Valley of Flowers National Park:

Located by the Chamoli district in Uttarakhand, Valley of Flowers National Park has been dubbed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Standing at the height of 3858 meters, this valley is a bed of flowers. When trekking through this valley, you can see a variety of flower species such as poppy, lilies, geranium, daisies, petunia, calendula, etc. With flowers, come butterflies too. This beautiful valley also houses some of the most beautiful and colorful butterflies. To know more about the trekking routes that cover Valley of Flowers National Park, make sure you get that information from Nerdstravel.com.


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