11 Things That Can Kill Your Dirty Mood

By | December 3, 2018

It is believed that the best way to kill a dirty mood is to say the phrase like that, “You should visit a doctor and get tested for HIV.” It sounds idiotic and horrible at the same time, and no dirty mood enhancers will help you. If you do not want to risk dirty mood, then be aware that there are a lot of things that can kill it like the phrase above. Here is a list of things from vavadating.com

  1. Your mom’s portrait.

Passion is an uncontrollable thing that you can feel anywhere without regard for the hung family photos. However, wherever you decide to have to be physical, you would most certainly like to do that without prying eyes. You might not care, but your partner will obviously be awkward under the prickly gaze of your mom’s photo. Use dirty mood music and take all the photos off.

  1. Pets.

Only cynical, unscrupulous people and dirty movie actors can have been physical while pets are looking at them. Besides, the pets do not want you to forget about their love, and therefore often, they lie down to sleep near you as if nothing has happened. Scientists don’t know how to have been physical in such circumstances.

  1. Notifications and calls.

How to get in the mood for being physical? Light candles and turn off your phone. There is nothing more wonderful than having physical under the vibrational solo of incoming messages. The worst thing that can happen is when one of you begins to respond to a message, referring to the importance and necessity.

  1. Excessive perspiration.

Too much water, too hot in the room, and as a result, you have excessive perspiration. You slide on each other as if oiled, like an egg in a frying pan. You try to kiss her on the neck, but you feel only the salt water. It’s just awful and even dirty conversation to get you in the mood will be ineffective.

  1. Selfie after being physical.

Of course, not everyone is capable of such stupidity, but there are people who do selfie right after dirty intercourse. What do they want to capture? What for? Trying to make selfie completely kill the love aftertaste. You ask yourself, “Why am I never in the mood for be physical?” Maybe, you just don’t like making selfie after it.

  1. Jokes.

Some girls laugh, reaching an orgasm, and it makes their partners embarrassed and confused. Nonetheless, there are many homegrown clowns with an excellent sense of humor among men, who make the chain of associations and jokes at the most crucial moment. It’s unlikely a woman will appreciate your sense of humor, she will rather perceive your laughter as an insult.

  1. Neighbors.

It is clear that your neighbors have their own lives and, in general, they’re not to blame for anything. However, there is no sound insulation in your house, and almost everything that you do, you do with your neighbors. Besides, other people’s scandals and sounds from the toilet are not the best accompaniment for coitus.

  1. TV.

Watching TV adversely affect the erectile function. And, in general, you should better not have physical with the TV on. You will be distracted, and your coitus will turn into watching TV.

  1. Wrong hole.

There is no sadder story than the story of the wrong hole. As you know, a woman has two holes that are in dangerous proximity. However, you need to be an idiot to confuse them. Expect cries of pain, insult and complete reluctance to continue the dirty act.

  1. Wrong dirty fantasies.

She has said that she like rough behavior in bed, and she does not mind fantasizing and trying a role-playing game. However, if you decide to practice it, then don’t behave like a sadist. This is a bedroom and not a torture chamber.

  1. Wrong name.

What excuse can be in such a situation? To say that you are kidding is also inappropriate, and no one will believe you. So just apologize, say that you are overworked and do not even remember your own name.

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