10 ways to use balloon decoration for a housewarming party or first birthday party

By | October 10, 2019

Gone are the days when balloons were associated with toddler’s birthday parties. Now you’ll see balloon decoration everywhere from weddings to theme parties and events.
If you too want to try your hand this time on the awesome and lit balloon decorations then here are 10 easy and cheap ways you can use to spice up your house warming with Balloon decorations:

1.Balloons Filled With Confetti
Take some paper confetti and cut them into smaller size. Now grab a handful of this small confetti and insert it in the balloon. Now blow air into the balloon. Once the balloon is inflated enough, tie a knot on the open end. Hang these balloons from ceiling and viola. The Confetti-filled balloons are best for your kid’s birthday party. Even if some kids pop the balloons it will only bring cheerful screams from all around.
If you’re hosting a housewarming party, then you can replace the confetti with sparkly glitter and fill it in clear balloons to add oomph.

2.All that glitters

Take balloons of your choice – hanging balloons or helium balloons. Inflate them. Slather lower half of the balloon with some mod podge or glue and slap glitter. You can choose from foil confetti, sequins, glitter, etc – anything that sparkles.

3.Ice cream Balloon

Have a tasty mouth-watering décor with balloons that look like ice cream. For this you need to take hard paper, preferably in colours that ice cream cones come in. Pinching on one end, roll it to make a cone and glue it to keep it in place. Now put more glue on the circumference of the cone and stick it to the inflated balloon.
Stick a twisted ribbon at the bottom of the cone if the balloons you used are helium filled.
For air blown balloon, you will need cups or anything to keep the ice cream balloon standing.

4.Stickers to make statement

Make bold statement with Sticker balloons. Draw you guests’ eyes upward to the statement decor without making a hole in your pocket. All you have to do is stick vinyl stickers on your inflated balloons and viola you’re done.
You can use metallic colours for vinyl stickers to glam up. You can make bold words of your choice like Joy, Light, New, Home, B’day, etc.

5.Touch of tulle

Include tulle in your balloon decor to add a soft touch to the décor. Use helium balloon for this balloon decoration. Cover the balloon in tulle and tie the edges with ribbon.
If you want, you can go for a paper or ribbon flower to tie it.

6.Boom with pom poms

Stick tiny pom poms to your Balloons to add a touch of texture and colour. You can use balloons in neutral colour and make pom poms make a statement with their pop of colour.

7.String them together

Now this is old school but you can do it if you’re lazy or out time. Blew some balloons and tie them in a string together. You can put it on window or on the door.

8.Statement Balloon Wall

Make a cool backdrop with a statement balloon wall that will also serve as a selfie area for those amazing pictures. All you’ve to do to make it is by taping balloons on a wall closely huddled together. Or you can weigh down balloons at different height to create a wall of balloons.
This weighing down balloons method is also a cool way to separate a large space into different party zones.

9.Balloon on return gifts or goody bags

Another fun way to add balloon in your house warming or birthday party decor is by tying helium balloons to the return gifts or goody bags. It will also be helpful in your kid’s birthday party as no kid wants to end up with no balloon while returning home.

10.Balls on the end

Grab cheap foam balls and paint them in fun colours of your choice. Now with the help of thread and needle put them in string. You can maintain distance between each ball by using hot glue. Tie this string to the helium balloon. It’s a fun way to spice the traditional helium balloon.

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