Tourist Place in Puri Orissa, Places to Visit in Puri Odhisa

Orissa is also known as Odisha in India. It is an Indian state on the subcontinent’s east Coast by the bay of Bengal. Orisha’s main tourist attraction place is Puri. Which Is also called Jagannath Puri Dham because of Jagannath Dham temple. Puri is situated on the Bay of Bengal,which is around 60km far from Bhubaneswar here we have mentioned Famous Tourist place in Puri,Orissa. famous religious place to visit in Orissa.

Famous Tourist Destinations Near Puri ,Odisha.

  • Jagannath Temple


Jagannath Temple is one of the Most popular Hindu Temple in India. So it can be the first place to visit in Puri Odisha. Jagannath temple is located at shri Nahar ,Swargadwar Road, Sandhajaga Puri,

  • Swargadwar Temple


swargadwar Temple is very close to Jagannath Temple. The locals belief that a man who breat his last at this place will directly forwaded to Heaven. So its is also a famous tourist place in Orissa.

  • Shankracharya’s Govardhan Peeth/Govardhan Math 


Govardhan Math is the one of the most famous hindu Math in India. It has been established by Adi Shankracharya in 8th Century.

  • Golden Beach of Puri


Golden Beach puri is one of the most visited tourist Place in Orissa. As this beach has a beautiful golden look. So will defiantly enjoy you Holiday destination in Puri Orissa after visiting Golden Beach Puri.

  • Sun temple Konark


Konark Sun Temple is situated in Konark a bit far from Puri. Sun Temple of Konark is a 13th century sun Temple and a amazing historical place to visit. in Orissa. So if you have plan to visit puri than must visit Sun temple konark.

  • Chilka Lake


Chilka Lake is the brakes water Lagoon. Which is in Puri Orissa.It is the largest lake of this kind in Asia. Chilka Lake the Paradise of migrated birds. So nature and birds lovers will love the place.

  • Satapada


Satapada is a town in Puri.Which means the group of seven Villages. Satapada Puri is famous for dolphin. Yes you can enjoy the fun of Dolphins in satapada,puri Orissa.

  • Puri Konark Marine drive


Puri Konark marine drive is one of most romantic place in puri orissa. You can walk on this road with your partner.

  • Loknath Temple


Loknath Temple is close to Jagannath Temple which is dedicated to lord Shiva. There is a local tale that lord shiva hid himself from Shani at this temple. So it is tourist attraction place in Puri.


  1. There are a number of tourist attractions in Puri and around Puri. Your post is quite informative. I just want to ask you one thing. Do you know nabakalebara of lord Jagannath? It is one of the best and important ritual among other rituals.

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