District Welfare Offices Of Bihar Details ,District Wise Postal Address /Pin Code/Official Website/Contact No. Of District Welfare Office

In India,Maximum Students Complete their higher education by taking Education Loan or  by taking scholarships from corresponding state government or central government.Such type of  meritorious but poor students require financial support from government.

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In this process our Bihar government provides scholarship for them .For this firstly government release a Online Scholarship application form. All ST/SC/OBC/MINORITY Students with required income are eligible to fill up this Online Scholarship application form.

Nearly all eligible students successfully fill up the Online Scholarship application form.But sometime they get some problems during uploading the required Documents.Sometime they also face problems like District Welfare Office address for sending their Hard Copy Of Post Matric Scholarship Application Form to corresponding District Welfare Office.


 In all the above process from filling Online Scholarship application form to sending hard copy of application form to finally getting scholarship they face many problems.And to resolving this they always search about Jila Kalyan Vibhag ,Samaj Kalyan Vibhag,District Welfare Office Application Form Fill up procedure,Full Address Of District Welfare Office ,dwo full address ,dwo location,dwo District Welfare Office official website,dwo District Welfare Office pin code,dwo District Welfare Office help line no.,dwo District Welfare Office customer care number,dwo District Welfare Office contact no.,how to fill up online Scholarship Application Form etc.on google .They also comments their faced problems in our Comment Box.

  Sometime Students see their Post Matric Scholarship Application Verification Status as Approved ,then every students become anxious and search  questions about when i will get scholarship money , what amount of scholarship money ,how i will get scholarship money and many more questions on google or in our comment box.  For such type of Students I personally request to keep patient and contact to their corresponding District Welfare Department directly or via helpline no. and see official website of corresponding dwo  regularly. Always update with scholarship news on official website for scholarship.

So for such type of students I try to resolve your faced problem by giving info about their corresponding District Welfare Office Details in this post.Their are total 38 district welfare offices in BIHAR state.I give required details about all dwo District Welfare Office one by one.please follow us.

Click here to know Bihar pms obc/sc/st Scholarship 2016-17 Eligibility criteria and Application form Fill up Procedure and Required Documents.

NOTE – Please cross Verify Address and Pin code of corresponding DWO   before sending Hard Copy of online pms scholarship application form by comparing neighbourhood place and localities and by calling the dwo contact number .These address are collected from internet and may be wrong.So,be attentive and smart.

If you have faced any problem during filling up Scholarship Application Form or Login your Scholarship account you can contact to no. given below or also send a message about your problem to the E-mail Address given below.

7061914198,7061914172 ( Call between 10:00 am – 6-00 pm.)

itcellbcebc@gmail.com,   itcellbcebc1@gmail.com

NOTE Plz Cross verify Your Corresponding DWO Address / Pin Code before Sending Application Form Hard Copy by calling on dwo contact no. or by comparing your DWO locality ( going to your dwo in your District).


District Wise Details Of Welfare Offices In BIHAR

1.   District Welfare Office dwo Araria

dwo Araria Full Address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,Araria-854311,Bihar.

dwo Araria pin code :- 854311

dwo Araria Official Website :- araria.bih.nic.in.

dwo Araria Contact no. :-  9661331712 , 8986398133


2.  District Welfare Office  dwo Arwal

dwo arwal full address :-   district welfare department ,collectorate office,Arwal-804401,Bihar.

dwo arwal pin code  :- 804401

dwo arwal contact no. :-  9473092379

dwo arwal official website :-  arwal.bih.nic.in


3.  District Welfare Office  dwo Aurangabad

dwo aurangabad full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,aurangabad-824101,Bihar.

dwo aurangabad pin code :- 824101

dwo aurangabad Contact no. :-  9006622219

dwo aurangabad official website :- aurangabad.bih.nic.in


4.  District Welfare Office  dwo Banka

dwo banka full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,Banka-813101,Bihar.

dwo banka pin code :- 813101

dwo banka contact no. :- 8674817715

dwo banka official website :- banka.bih.nic.in


5. District Welfare Office  dwo Begusarai

dwo begusarai full address :- district welfare department ,collectorate office,Begusarai-851101,Bihar.

dwo begusarai pin code :- 851101

dwo begusarai contact no. :- 9934922942

dwo begusarai official website :- begusarai.bih.nic.in


6.  District Welfare Office  dwo Bhagalpur

dwo bhagalpur full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,Bhagalpur-812001,Bihar.

dwo bhagalpur pin code :- 812001

dwo bhagalpur  contact no. :-  9334120100 , 0641-2420307 .

dwo bhagalpur official website :- bhagalpur.bih.nic.in


7.  District Welfare Office  dwo Bhojpur

dwo bhojpur full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,Bhojpur-802301,Bihar.

dwo bhojpur pin code :- 802301

dwo bhojpur contact no. :-  9431426217 , 9472592499

dwo bhojpur official website :- bhojpur.bih.nic.in


8.  District Welfare Office  dwo Buxar

dwo buxar full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,Buxar-802101,Bihar.

dwo buxar pin code :- 802101

dwo buxar contact no. :-  9199841247 , 06183-222029 .

dwo buxar official website :- buxar.bih.nic.in


9.  District welfare Office  dwo Darbhanga

dwo darbhanga full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,Darbhanga-846004,Bihar.

dwo darbhanga pin code :- 846004

dwo darbhanga contact no. :-  9199884623 , 8969786759 .

dwo darbhanga official website :- darbhanga.bih.nic.in


10. District welfare Office dwo  East Champaran (Motihari)

dwo  East Champaran (Motihari) full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office, East Champaran (Motihari)-845401,Bihar.

dwo east champaran pin code :- 845401

dwo east champaran contact no. :-  7766045145 , 7760745145 .

dwo east champaran  official website :- eastchamparan.bih.nic.in


11.District welfare Office dwo Gaya

dwo Gaya full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office, Gaya-823001,Bihar.

dwo gaya pin code :- 823001

dwo gaya contact no. :-  9430059364 , 9431287801 , 0631-2222001 .

dwo gaya official website :- gaya.bih.nic.in



12.District welfare Office dwo Gopalganj

dwo Gopalganj full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office, Gopalganj-841428,Bihar.

dwo gopalganj pin code :- 841428

dwo gopalganj contact no. :-  9931248027 , 9472520025 ,9431005033.

dwo gopalganj official website :- gopalganj.bih.nic.in


13.District welfare Office dwo Jamui

dwo jamui full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office, Jamui-811307,Bihar.

dwo jamui pin code :- 811307

dwo jamui contact no. :-  9934987439 ,9576829014 .

dwo jamui official website :- jamui.bih.nic.in


14.District welfare Office dwo Jehanabad

dwo Jehanabad full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office, Jehanabad-804408,Bihar.

dwo Jehanabad pin code :- 804408

dwo Jehanabad contact no. :-  9771531345 , 8797029325 .

dwo Jehanabad official website :-   Jehanabad.bih.nic.in


15.District welfare Office dwo Kaimur (Bhabhua)

dwo Kaimur  full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office, Kaimur -821101,Bihar.

dwo Kaimur pin code :- 821101

dwo Kaimur  contact no. :-  9934794166 ,06189-223046 ,06189-222o27 .

dwo Kaimur  official website :-   kaimur.bih.nic.in


16.District welfare Office dwo Katihar

dwo Katihar  full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office, Katihar -854105,Bihar.

dwo Katihar pin code :- 854105

dwo Katihar contact no. :-  9430030440 , 06452-239096 .

dwo Katihar  official website :-   katihar.bih.nic.in


17.District welfare Office dwo Khagaria

dwo Khagaria  full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office, Khagaria -851204,Bihar.

dwo Khagaria pin code :- 851204

dwo Khagaria contact no. :-  9430059364 , 9835314118 .

dwo Khagaria  official website :-   khagaria.bih.nic.in


18.District welfare Office dwo Kishanganj

dwo Kishanganj  full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office, Kishanganj -855107,Bihar.

dwo Kishanganj pin code :- 855107

dwo Kishanganj contact no. :-  9431159700 , 7543028284 ,8409966542 ,9801457553 .

dwo Kishanganj  official website :-   kishanganj.bih.nic.in


19.District welfare Office dwo Lakhisarai

dwo Lakhisarai full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office, Lakhisarai -811311,Bihar.

dwo Lakhisarai pin code :- 811311

dwo Lakhisarai contact no. :-  9431852394 , 9431049393  .

dwo Lakhisarai official website :-   lakhisarai.bih.nic.in


20.District welfare Office dwo Madhepura

dwo Madhepura full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office, Madhepura -852113,Bihar.

dwo Madhepura pin code :- 852113

dwo Madhepura contact no. :-  9934017568 , 9576389168  .

dwo Madhepura official website :-   madhepura.bih.nic.in


21.District welfare Office dwo Madhubani

dwo Madhubani full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,Madhubani-847211,Bihar.

dwo Madhubani pin code :- 847211

dwo Madhubani contact no. :-  9471668057  .

dwo Madhubani official website :-   madhubani.bih.nic.in


22.District welfare Office dwo Munger

dwo Munger full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,Munger-811201,Bihar.

dwo Munger pin code :- 811201

dwo Munger contact no. :-  8987599105 ,  9835268153 , 06344-220186 .

dwo Munger official website :-   munger.bih.nic.in


23.District welfare Office dwo Muzaffarpur

dwo Muzaffarpur full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,Muzaffarpur-842001,Bihar.

dwo Muzaffarpur pin code :- 842001

dwo Muzaffarpur contact no. :-  8294588019  .

dwo Muzaffarpur official website :-   muzaffarpur.bih.nic.in


24.District welfare Office dwo Nalanda

dwo Nalanda full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,Nalanda-803120,Bihar.

dwo Nalanda pin code :- 803120

dwo Nalanda contact no. :-  9955086408 , 9431894311  .

dwo Nalanda official website :-   nalanda.bih.nic.in


25.District welfare Office dwo Nawada

dwo Nawada full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,Nawada-805124,Bihar.

dwo Nawada pin code :- 805124

dwo Nawada contact no. :-  9931066207 , 9771643118  .

dwo Nawada official website :-   nawada.bih.nic.in


26.District welfare Office dwo Patna

dwo Patna full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,Patna-800015,Bihar.

dwo Patna pin code :- 800015

dwo Patna contact no. :-  8083565916 , 0612-2219332 .

dwo Patna official website :-   patna.bih.nic.in


27.District welfare Office dwo Purnia

dwo Purnia full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,Purnia-854301,Bihar.

dwo Purnia pin code :- 854301

dwo Purnia contact no. :-  9771664170  .

dwo Purnia official website :-   purnia.bih.nic.in


28.District welfare Office dwo Rohtas

dwo Rohtas full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,Rohtas-821115,Bihar.

dwo Rohtas pin code :- 821115

dwo Rohtas contact no. :-  9473098598   .

dwo Rohtas official website :-   rohtas.bih.nic.in


29.District welfare Office dwo Saharsa

dwo Saharsa full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,Saharsa-852201,Bihar.

dwo Saharsa pin code :- 852201

dwo Saharsa contact no. :-  9431165518 ,8298426500 , 06478-222654  .

dwo Saharsa official website :-   saharsa.bih.nic.in


30.District welfare Office dwo Samastipur

dwo Samastipur full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,Samastipur-848101,Bihar.

dwo Samastipur pin code :- 848101

dwo Samastipur contact no. :-  9801317410 , 77666445145   .

dwo Samastipur official website :-   samastipur.bih.nic.in


31.District welfare Office dwo Saran (Chapra)

dwo Saran (Chapra) full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,Saran,Chapra-841403,Bihar.

dwo Saran,Chapra pin code :- 841403

dwo Saran,Chapra contact no. :-  9931066207 , 8084059626 , 06152-244044  .

dwo Saran official website :-   saran.bih.nic.in


32.District welfare Office dwo Sheikhpura

dwo Sheikhpura full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,Sheikhpura-811105,Bihar.

dwo Sheikhpura pin code :- 811105

dwo Sheikhpura contact no. :-  9430001559 , 9955086408 .

dwo Sheikhpura official website :-   sheikhpura.bih.nic.in


33.District welfare Office dwo Sheohar

dwo Sheohar full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,Sheohar-843329,Bihar.

dwo Sheohar pin code :- 843329

dwo Sheohar contact no. :-  9431025105 , 9576829014  .

dwo Sheohar official website :-   sheohar.bih.nic.in


34.District welfare Office dwo Sitamarhi

dwo Sitamarhi full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,Sitamarhi-843301,Bihar.

dwo Sitamarhi pin code :- 843301

dwo Sitamarhi contact no. :-  8539038527 ,9430029324  .

dwo Sitamarhi official website :-   sitamarhi.bih.nic.in


35.District welfare Office dwo Siwan

dwo Siwan full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,Siwan-841226,Bihar.

dwo Siwan pin code :- 841226

dwo Siwan contact no. :-  9934987439 ,06154-242860, 06154-242166  .

dwo Siwan official website :-   siwan.bih.nic.in


36.District welfare Office dwo Supaul

dwo Supaul full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,Supaul-852131,Bihar.

dwo Supaul pin code :- 852131

dwo Supaul contact no. :-  9122788315 ,  06473-224690  .

dwo Supaul official website :-   supaul.bih.nic.in


37.District welfare Office dwo Vaishali (Hazipur)

dwo Vaishali (Hazipur) full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,Vaishali-844101,Bihar.

dwo Vaishali (Hazipur) pin code :- 844101

dwo Vaishali (Hazipur) contact no. :-  9661631763 , 06224-271002 .

dwo Vaishali (Hazipur) official website :-   vaishali.bih.nic.in


38.District welfare Office dwo West Champaran (Bettiah)

dwo West Champaran (Bettiah) full address :-  district welfare department ,collectorate office,West Champaran (Bettiah)-845438,Bihar.

dwo West Champaran (Bettiah) pin code :- 845438

dwo West Champaran (Bettiah) contact no. :-  9835486799 .

dwo West Champaran (Bettiah) official website :-   westchamparan.bih.nic.in



In addition to all above District Welfare Department ,the Head office for Bihar Welfare is situated in Patna.You have to Fillup Bihar  BCEBC  Post Matric Scholarship Online Application Form  on Official Website For Bihar Welfare.

Welfare Department Official Website –  www.bcebcwelfare.bih.nic.in


Bihar BCEBC Welfare Post Matric Scholarship Head Office Mobile no./Contact no./Complain no.

Bihar Scholarship Department Helpline no.- 0612-2923016,0612-2923017,7061914198,7061914172 (call betwwen 10:00 am to 6:00 pm).sunday closed.

BCECE Email Id –  itcellbcebc@gmail.com

click here to apply online post matric scholarship Application Form

click here to check Bihar Post Matric Scholarship Application Status

Click here to know Bihar PMS application form fill up procedure and Eligibility Criteria

Just open the official website of your district dwo and know more about updated contact no, address and scholarship scheme best for you.

For any problem related to welfare ,scholarship please consult to relative District Welfare Officer.Please visit official website for further more info and eligibility criteria/conditions.

NOTE – Please cross Verify Address and Pin code of corresponding DWO   before sending Hard Copy of online pms scholarship application form by coparing neighbourhood place and localities and by calling the dwo contact number .These address are collected from internet and may be wrong.plz be confirmed about your DWO  Address and pin code before sending the Application Form Hardcopy .So be attentive and smart.

Plz be confirmed about your DWO  Address and pin code before sending the Application Form Hardcopy to your corresponding DWO .

Note-  you can also share  your related faced problems,questions,suggestions,feedback with us and our visitors in our COMMENTS BOX given below .We shall try to resolve your problems.you can also give some more info about welfare scholarship which will be beneficial for other students.You  are most welcome to correct our wrong information. Your valuable comments will be always profitable for newer students .so please comment and give information in our COMMENT BOX given below.