Maithili vivah geet/ maithili shadi songs/maithili ram vivah geet

Marriage season is coining soon and we all want to play the songs of our own language. Maithili is one of the very famous language of north India. Maithili songs has their own value among all the mithilanchal people. Mithilanchal is the home town of Mata sit a the Hindu goddess.
Here I am going to list down the popular maithili vivah songs.So that our viewers can easily select famous maithili vivah song.Maithii vivah songs can categorise in many category such as maithili vivah geet/maithili vidai geet/ maithili ram vivah geet.

Famous maithili vivah geet/ popular maithili shadi songs

  • khub khao yao dulha
  • .ketna jatan se hum by sharda sinha
  • dhan kuto ho dulha dhan
  • Gair Nai Hum Dae Chhi Dulha
  • Yao Manmohan Dulha
  • Panak Paat Se by Swarnlata Jha
  • Chalu Nahu Nahu Dulha Sasur Angna
  • Bahina Ge Kona Ke Parichav
  • Raja Janak Ji ke Bagh Me
  • Bhaiya Bhauji Se Kariyo Vichar
    I hope you will like our selected maithili vivah geet. Those maithili geet can be played or sang on the different occasion at marriages in mithilanchal.
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